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Posted 2014-04-21T04:37:10Z

Jerome’s Message

From Jerome: I feel so blessed to have every single one of you supporting me!  This won't be an easy battle, but knowing that I have you cheering me on gives me the strength I need to beat this.  I especially want to thank my parents for all their help, Caleb for giving me a big reason to fight, and most of all, Sam for going with me to all my appointments, taking wonderful care of Caleb, and for doing all the little things each and every day.

Thanks so much to Paul and Jenny Bishop for starting this site  to give my family and me a way to share our thoughts, experiences, and appreciation for all of you!

Please click the Frequently Asked Questions Sticky on the left to have a look at many of the questions I receive, and note there will be lots of details.  I don't mind sharing as it helps provide transparency, answers to those who want to know the full story, and educates others on what is somewhat of a fascinating (and personal) process.

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  • Juliet Agudo
    Juliet Agudo

    Prayers and Loving Thoughts Always for your Healing and Recovery. You're an Inspiration and Motivator for our Present and Future Generation.Loving and Sincere Family Support Needed for US to Face Challenges in Life.Take Care...God Bless Us. Juliet RN

    6 years ago · Reply