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The last two weeks have been about letting go.


There is no way I want to, but like all of us, we must.

Rocco's library is full of old, rare and special books. Giving them away is important. It is what he wanted. Some of them have his sticky notes and scribbles in them. A snapshot in time of where he was or what he was going through. Even a card is found tucked away inside. Students take turns looking through his vast library and pick out what speaks to them.

One envelope surfaced Weds. and was handed to me. On the front of the envelope was simply Rocco and a heart. When I opened the card inside, it was a illustration of a sunset and cloud with a simple sentence that read:

It may be hard to believe just now, but I know...

Then I opened it to read...

You're going to get through this.


It was signed, by me. 

I have no idea what was going on at the time I wrote that, but I felt that a card was in order which must have been a tough stretch, because I rarely did that.

I just wish I could remember more, but like so much of the last few weeks, I have to believe that messages even old ones are being delivered and received right on time. 






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