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Brooke Summers Brooke Summers

Dear Rocco,
It'a July 10, 2018 and your BIRTHDAY. I am so grateful you were born and live. You have taught me well my dear friend, mentor, and cherised soul. Today I celebrate your will others. We are with you and you with us. Love and light from us on earth.

Joe Deer Joe Deer

I had a conundrum the other day that I needed some good, sound advice on. Guess who I thought of immediately? Missing my pal for a million reasons. This one was selfish - but, not unusual for his friends, I bet. Love to you, Denise, and Kendall.

Sandra crews Sandra crews

Love, love, love, coming your way!

Victoria Roman Victoria Roman

Hi Kendall and Denise - Rocco was an amazing encouraging spirit while I was at CCM. after I graduated, he continued to help me with dialects and never accepted payment. I’m so thrilled I can help you out during what must be an awful time. I am so very sorry for ysad he loss. If you are ever in oakland, i’d Love to host you by. Please do let me know. Best, Tory (Ross) Roman

Richard Hess Richard Hess

Rocco taught me listen, Rocco taught me to smile. Rocco taught me to seek deeper answers, Rocco taught me to question. Rocco taught me think bigger and to reach further. Rocco taught me I had strength when I didn't think I had strength. Denise taught me about strength when my strength waivered as well, and she taught me to smile when time told us there was still time to smile. Kendall taught me that she is strong and that she has great work to do, that the strength of her Dad lives on her likes a light sweater, comfortable and easy to wear. The Dal Vera's give me HOPE. I am grateful for the time together that allows me to keep hoping. I love you Rocco. I love you Denise I love you Kendall.
Love, Richard

Claire Slemmer Claire Slemmer

Love to you Kendall, and your mom