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Posted 2020-03-27T03:45:10Z

My New Mantra

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  • Stephanie Kirtland
    Stephanie Kirtland

    LOL: You go, girl!! 🤣

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Marisa Jennings
    Marisa Jennings

    Love this!!

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Julie Kaufman
    Julie Kaufman

    I love it! What a great attitude!

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Monica Turner
    Monica Turner

    I’m sending this to my team right now as the quote of the week. Go Joanne!

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Brian W Zaleski
    Brian W Zaleski


    7 months ago · Reply
  • John Fleming
    John Fleming

    Of course there is an implication here that the devil has a mother. I'm still smiling .

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Holly Hurst
    Holly Hurst

    Love it 😻

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Anne Eisenberg
    Anne Eisenberg

    /Users/anneeisenberg/Desktop/VIDEO-2020-03-14-12-08-15.mp4 I hope this works, we all need a laugh. Love, Anne

    7 months ago · Reply

    Damn right, Joanne. Six feet back, and a line from Dirty Harry: “You forgot your fortune cookie. It says, ‘You’re shit out of luck.'”

    7 months ago · Reply
  • Barry Draper
    Barry Draper

    You always were a fighter. May that long continue.

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Victor Koman
    Victor Koman

    Thank you for posting that image. It is, in fact, the accurate translation -- from the original Aramaic -- of Matthew 16:23.

    6 months ago · Reply