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Posted 2015-05-04T00:10:25Z

MRI of Spine FINALLY - April 2015

This is a brief and condensed summary.....

C3-C4 some central disc protrusion. Dural sac effacement is minor

C4-C5 bulging of the disc with mild dural sac effacement. Axial images motion degraded

C6-C7 there is focal herniation of the disc posteriorly on the left. There is some generalized bulging of the disc as well. There is both dural sac effacement and mild asymmetric cord flattening on the left.

T4 a 15mm hemangioma involving the vertebral body is seen incidentally. No acute compression fracture.

T6 Subtle wedging of the vertebral body. No pathologic marrow signal. Abnormal signal in cord limited due to patient motion.

T5-T6, T6-T7, T8-T9 disc desiccation, loss of disc height, and minimal annular bulge

Lumbar- thecal sac is widely patulous at all levels throughout lumbar spine.
L4 Schmorl node noted involving the inferior endplate of L4. Minimal annular bulge at the L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc spaces.

Where do we go from here? What treatment options am I looking at? What questions should I be asking? Orthopedic Surgeon who did my ribs and scapula referred me to a different Orthopedic surgeon and a Neurosurgeon....

and the plot thickens...I obviously have numerous questions answered.  How I have so many more now though.  He was refusing to answer anything below the cervical area....he said the Neurosurgeon could talk to us about that.  He was sending me to the Neurosurgeon based on Spinal MRI and Brain MRI.  Brian MRI to be discussed under different post....

Needless to say this is a LoT to obsorb, process, and sort out...

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Comments (3)

  • Karleen Robinson
    Karleen Robinson

    That's why I go to a chiropractor at least once a month--to keep everything in place--just because of the work I do sometimes throws things off--he gives me an adjustment and I'm good as new--and it keep the energy going to all the right organs--been using a chiro for 40yrs--has kept me walking----but yours might be a little more involved----good luck---

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Caren Robinson
    Caren Robinson

    All of these are injuries from the wreck. I never had this problem with my back before such. At least I have a fuller picture of what's going on and explains my "hot zones" a bit more - that noone was able to address entirely.....except my PT therapists from the Home and Community Services...they actually had a pretty solid idea that something more had to be going on...I appreciate them trusting me about my body.....and limitations.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Jeffrey D. Burris
    Jeffrey D. Burris

    I hope you're doing better (I'm a random google visitor... the picture associating organs with vertebrae or spine locations came up). My chiropractor would up doing as much harm as good. Great at first, detrimental effects later. Temporary relief, and then moving things that didn't have a problem, before, until they do now, later. No question -- all that squashing in one area has it go out there now bi-annually. I think the right guy would be fine, but this guy was a mixed bag and no longer even does the aggressive stuff he used too, from being approached by screwed up patients. After too many procedures to count, I got on narcotics which were expensive, unfortunate, and stop working as well shortly. But then I got on a cocktail of tramadol and a small amount of methadone. This sounds very unfortunate, and will be if there's a problem getting it one day, but the thing is, a decade later and the efficacy still hasn't worn off from this combo. The only thing I wish I'd tried before becoming dependent on this treatment is an electrical stimulator permanently implanted (because the war on pills to help politicians images scares me that people like me will be forsaken to help the addicts and self-destructive kids). But either one is a dependency and after you spend your life and all your money in surgical centers you eventually think "how long am I even going to live?". Life is short and I want to be able to function for the rest of my brief existence. I also thought organized religion was intellectually below me, only hip to philosophy and the Tao and things...until I risked wasting a few minutes one day asking God, that if He was real, could He please prove His existence to me in a way I could believe, with a rational mind. To my amazement He did (totally counter-intuitive to my supposedly "advanced, modern mind", and the floodgates never closed. That's worth it, big time. We waste time on all kinds of garbage. Wasting time talking to, possibly, thin air was the best decision I ever made. People think that if there was a God He'd show himself because we sit around and wonder, but He requires you knock directly on His door and address Him like a friend. He even has a sense of humor, and I mean, I am literally paranoid of deluding myself, believing things because I'd like to, or being biased and wearing "sing colored glasses", but He gave me proof that is beyond even reasonable scientific shadow of doubt. But it's very personal and will not happen en masse. You have to do it yourself and your proof will be custom and will not be meant to convince "the world". If you don't know God is real I urge you to pray to Him to reveal Himself to you through your daily life (and then keep your eyes peeled). No verse in the bible about not testing God, or being blessed by believing "without seeing" (and signs) -- none of this means He will not answer this prayer. People who think so should stop interpreting the bible with a know-it-all brain and develop a personal, two-way relationship with God. I was an agnostic, almost an atheist. It looked like religion was just this archetypal mythology thing built into our psychology, to be viewed on an anthropological level... but things are not as they seem.

    2 years ago · Reply