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Posted 2014-06-11T04:06:50Z

For The First Time, I Am At a Loss For Words

When I was first diagnosed, one of top 3 concerns weighing on my mind was work.  I didn't want to be sick so I could continue focusing on my career.  There were so many questions weighing me down including: "how they would take the news that I physically may not be able to work during chemo; would HR be supportive; would I fade away in everyone's mind while not being in the office;" etc.  

What I've found after going through two months of this battle was that work has been behind me during these most difficult times.  HR was understanding of my situation and clearly laid out my options, benefits, and the tools available.  The medical benefits offered have been great to help cover the medical bills, and short-term disability has been a life saver while I am focusing on my treatment.

What I am most thankful for however, associated with work, is my team.  The Internal Audit group has proven to be one of the greatest sources of support, encouragement, and inspiration.  Their most recent gesture of a wonderful handwritten card and tremendously generous gift shouldn't be a surprise considering how thoughtful they are, but has brought our family to tears.  As mentioned before, I have never said "thank you" so much as I have in the last few months, but this time I am at a loss for words.  

To the Microsoft Internal Audit Group: I can't express how appreciative we are for what you all have done for us.  The many ways you have provided this family support through your understanding, thoughts, and gifts have far exceeded any of our wildest expectations.  Thank you especially for your most recent gift, Internal Audit Group, including Melvin, Terri, Marcela, Kevin, Lindsey, Michael W, Cindy, Steve B, Lou, Gerard M, Bei, Greg, Yuyu, Jon, Marissa,  and most especially my super supportive manager, Dawn (who has even offered to pick me up from home and drop me off to attend to team building events!). Knowing that I have a such a wonderful group to go back to after this battle is a great source of strength for the fight, and I look forward to the day that I am done with treatment/surgeries so I can return to work to get back in the trenches along side you on a daily basis.  

I have never agreed more with Steve Ballmer than now who famously said in his goodbye speech to Microsoft, "I love this company" (cheesy I know, but so true).

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  • Marissa Scroggins
    Marissa Scroggins

    This is wonderful. We spend so much time at work it is important to be able to get along well and work together. But it's a true blessing when coworkers become friends and an extension of our family. So glad they are helping out and taking care of you and reminding you that you are part of the team. One who will not be forgotten or leftout. :)

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Dawn Liburd
    Dawn Liburd

    Okay, now you are going to make me cry :') are very welcome, Jerome! This was just a small way of us reminding you and your family of the value you bring to our team. When you joined my team, you joined my family so we are with you every step of the way! You are correct, though, we are all very fortunate to work at Microsoft and be a part of the amazing Team IA :)....

    6 years ago · Reply