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Posted 2013-11-21T05:54:31Z

Wednesday, Nov 20th: 830pm

It is well passed time to make an update, and today there is certainly good news to put out and so I am.   Jeannette is home!    As I am writing this note, she has been home just a few hours, and as of my call with Rich is sitting comfortably at home, resting on her couch in her warm house, the heat from the oil stove burning blue, the outside view of the Alaskan winter, crystal, cold, and white.   The mercury isn't quite a "frozen ball" but at -22 deg F it is close enough!   But I don't think Rich or Jeannette care---it is just so wonderful for her to finally be home from the hospital, and in her own house and among her own things.  And I know from all of us praying and watching, it's sure welcome news and well passed time!

   Before she left Providence Hospital her doctors put her through another battery of tests, including a long drawn out detailed imaging of her entire intestinal track and a minor surgical procedure to install a new drain of some sort to help promote the healing process.   Those not-so-little things delayed her leaving, but they wanted to make sure there were no blockages or restrictions and so the delay to "make sure" was a good one to do.    Of course, not being in the medical field I'm not sure exactly how they do the things they do, but from what Rich has said it involves drinking some no doubt really nasty stuff, and then laying around for most of a day while the technicians take x-ray pictures of things as they "move along."   From Rich's report the big result is that things look "good" and there were no "significant issues" so now she is home and can work on really, finally, getting well.    

As for her getting around, while she isn't out running marathons, Jeannette has ditched the walker, as well as the wheel chair, and her new surgical repaired leg seems to be working great.  She can walk normally, and getting around the house is much easier than it was before.    She can walk just about anywhere!    That doesn't mean they are going to be taking any outside walks at 20 below, but neither am I for that matter.  

My guess is that Rich must have graduated from the impromptu nursing school and passed his final exams, because he's in charge of all things medical at home now, cleared by the doc's to administer the IV antibiotics and TPN supplements.  Who would have thought?     He has that all under control too, and knows what has to be done and when, and so the bottom line is that things are going well and now that they are both home we can all hope it is for good.  It's certainly been a long enough road to have traveled!

My personal request as a non-medical person is that if you visit them, call and check first, and if you have even the inkling of an illness or have recently been in contact with someone who has, hold off on the visit until you are sure you are well.   Since we are in the heart of the cold season and kids are passing it from one to the other in school, I think its especially prudent for all of us to be careful.  The last thing either of them needs right now would be to catch a cold or the flu!        

Keep the prayers coming.  I am hoping they can both enjoy a great holiday season, and be well on the road to a full recovery by the early part of next year.  That would be a wonderful Christmas present for everyone.   -- John



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