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Mary Shreves Mary Shreves

Hang in there, you two. You are a heck of a team!

Louise White Louise White

Good news, positive expectations and attitude goes far! Louise White (friends of MaryAnn & Lance)

Linda Van Wallinga Linda Van Wallinga

Good news, keep the healthy progress going Jeanette and Rich! It's always good to be home. Nice to see you once in awhile too!

Marsha Johnson Marsha Johnson

So good to hear the wonderful update on you! You both deserve all the best. God indeed loves you! Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Bill & Kit Lamb Bill & Kit Lamb

Fired Up!! Love you, Bill & Kit

Sigrid & Dieter Sigrid & Dieter

YEAH!!! Oh, how happy we all are to read these great and wonderful news! We're so proud of you both (but, if I may say, especially of Jeannette!) and what you've accomplished in that long journey leading to your recovery. Let's hope that you'll be able to live a normal life and have plenty of time to enjoy each other. Our thoughts are still with you. Sending tons of hugs! Sigrid & Dieter

Madelon Blum Madelon Blum

Such wonderful news! It has been said, but I say again that you are an inspiration. Prayers continue to come your way. Lonnie

Penni Anne Cross Penni Anne Cross

Best message of the New Year. God Bless you both and may this new year bring many more messages of news such as this. Alisa and I love you both very much.

Mary Shreves Mary Shreves

That is the best update yet, John! Thank you! And the happiest New Year to Rich and Jeannette!!

Sigrid & Dieter Sigrid & Dieter

Oh, how happy we all are to read the great news! But I think you need and deserve more prayers and angels sent your way (from all over the USA) to lift you up even more. Please stay on the recovery path now and stay strong! You've accomplished so much and will continue to astonish all of us. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. And as always lots of hugs and prayers.

Jane Newman Jane Newman

Welcome home glad for you1 And glad for Rich too .

Linda Van Wallinga Linda Van Wallinga

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME! We are all so thankful, welcome home!

Mary Shreves Mary Shreves

Now we truly have something to be thankful for!

Louise White Louise White

How wonderful to hear such uplifting news! Keep healing, One day at a time! Louise White