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Posted 2014-04-11T23:29:21Z

Great News About Jeannette

Hi Everyone.

 It is with great joy and relief that we can let everyone know that my Jeannette's latest round of doctors' appointments have brought superb reports.

 The warm Vegas sun and ability to get outside and walk have done wonders for her recovery.  The past 3 months have resulted in more improvement in her condition than any time since the accident.  The fistulagram indicated that that hole in her intestine has FINALLY healed and, her surgeon, Dr. George removed the drain she had inserted in her abdomen last May.  All her lab/nutritional results also indicated progress to the extent of reducing her nightly 14 hour TPN (IV feeding) regimen to just 1 night per week. 

 Dr Clancy, the infection control specialist, was comfortable in stopping the 2 hour IV infusion of 3 different antibiotics that has been done every night since last December.  With stopping the antibiotics, they were able to remove the picc line from her arm. Jeannette said she feels like she is "free at last"!  This is the first time since the accident she is not being pumped full of drugs.  Jeannette says she is very excited to get her full sense of taste back. A normal diet, and weekly monitoring of her blood work, will allow her to focus on PT to regain muscle strength and stamina .... and gain more weight.  Rich has taken to calling her "Pork Ball"!

 The fractured area in her right knee has been painful so, her orthopedic, Dr. Kavanaugh injected a dose of steroids to help her recover enough before she even thinks about going back into the hospital for more surgery.  Initially it was thought that she would have a bone graft to fill in the femur but her right knee was always her bad one (pre-crash) so a total knee replacement is the more likely scenario.  That is down the road – very rough estimate of six months minimum.

 We are all over the moon!  The roller coaster that has been rolling the last 21 months is finally slowing.  We want to sincerely thank everyone for their endless support and please continue to pray for her continued recovery. 

 Take care, Jeannette, Rich and Sam

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Comments (5)

  • Louise White
    Louise White

    How Wonderful! She is an inspiration to many! Louise White

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Linda Kissee
    Linda Kissee

    We actually said a prayer for both Jeannette and Rich at our small group last night. We have seen some amazing recoveries w/dear friends, God does work miracles! God bless all of you. Linda and Steve

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Susan and Larry Schachle
    Susan and Larry Schachle

    She looks Great and sooo happy!

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Debbie Swinney (f/k/a Bounds)
    Debbie Swinney (f/k/a Bounds)

    I am in! Abilene visiting my mom and we were just talking about you and Rich, then I opened my email and saw this fantastic news. needless to say I shared it with her, glad things are going so well for you

    7 years ago · Reply
  • Madelon Blum
    Madelon Blum

    Thank you for your inspiration and prayers continue to come your way. Lonnie

    7 years ago · Reply