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Rich & Jeannette Keida - Journal

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Posted 2014-04-27T20:24:47Z

Short Update (April 27, noon ADT)

Just a short update here.  Jeannette didn't hang around the ICU very long--I can picture her with the "get out of here itis" and the hospital staff getting out of her way as she headed for the front door.   The reality is that she is back home and Rich and her are getting used to the new routine. meds, and working with another set of doctors.   The problematic "fistula" isn't "fixed" per se, but since she isn't eating its really not causing major issues either.    But she is back on the TPN (I think it stands for Total Parenteral Nutrition) and I think the big hope is that a little more time needs to occur so the little leak can repair itself.   The good news is the infection seems to have been rapidly brought under control, and she can still get out and enjoy the great weather that defines spring.   Home is always better than a hospital!   And, when I last spoke with RIch he seemed to have it all 'under control." [...]

Posted 2014-04-23T23:08:49Z

Another turn….(April 23, 3pm ADT)

As the 2014 year turns to spring there are new things to report and things to say.   Unfortunately, this time the news is not all that grand, but Rich has asked me to put out something and so I am.    As you all know, just a few days ago everything seemed to be going oh-so-well, and Rich's last update on April 11 was full of great news and wonderful pre-Easter reports that seemed to be almost miraculous.   But like the long roller coaster ride this has become, there was a new twist and turn in the road to recovery that none of us could have ever seen coming.    The latest setback is that Jeannette suffered an internal abscess (my term--probably not medically accurate) that was accompanied with a high fever; and with a bright redness spreading across her abdomen they found themselves making yet another rush to a new hospital and all on Easter weekend.   Of course, the regular doctors were "out" and so they had to get by that little problem.   She ended up having a new drain surgically put back in place and it was back in the hospital and back in the ICU.  The good news is that the new round of antibiotics managed to turn back the surprise infection and from what I understand it has been brought under control.   But with a new hole leaking in her tubing somewhere, she is back on liquid food (TPN) and they still need to sort out the treatment plan on where things will go "next."    But clearly, the get-well trip that seemed to be going forward so well is now on hold, and that's very disappointing news for everyone.   In the weeks to come more decisions will have to be made, and I'm hopeful that the doctors will compare their notes and come come up with a new plan.  For now, she is in the hospital, and things are stable and that's at least something good that can be reported.      [...]

Posted 2013-12-30T05:23:46Z

Christmas Season - Dec 29 2013

This is a very short very easy to write update.   As the year ends, Rich and Jeannette are together, both out of the hospital, and enjoying the beauty of this season with friends and family; in short, LIVING life and enjoying the wonderful season that defines the Christmas experience.   It has been a long journey, a roller coaster thrill ride at times, and perhaps there are more paths ahead to be traveled still, but as of now with each day the healing process continues and I think we can all relish in the miracles we have witnessed and the wonder of hope for a great and joyous 2014!  - John [...]

Posted 2013-11-21T05:54:31Z

Wednesday, Nov 20th: 830pm

It is well passed time to make an update, and today there is certainly good news to put out and so I am.   Jeannette is home!    As I am writing this note, she has been home just a few hours, and as of my call with Rich is sitting comfortably at home, resting on her couch in her warm house, the heat from the oil stove burning blue, the outside view of the Alaskan winter, crystal, cold, and white.   The mercury isn't quite a "frozen ball" but at -22 deg F it is close enough!   But I don't think Rich or Jeannette care---it is just so wonderful for her to finally be home from the hospital, and in her own house and among her own things.  And I know from all of us praying and watching, it's sure welcome news and well passed time![...]

Posted 2013-11-15T06:49:58Z

Thursday, Nov 14th: 930pm

While in this medical adventure I have learned to never say anything for CERTAIN, but with that caveat it looks like Jeannette could be coming home early next week, perhaps as early as Monday.   Yeah!   The bone fix surgery seems to be progressing very rapidly, and she is up and walking stairs, moving without a walker and even her surgeon is very impressed.   They still have her on a regime of antibiotics and nutrient supplementation (TPN), but she can do that at home and every day she seems to be getting stronger and the getting about part of therapy seems to be going very well.  And, another big news item is she had gained some weight, which means that things are working!   Rich is making plans to get the house dug out, and make sure the place is ready for her arrival.  [...]

Posted 2013-11-11T02:45:36Z

Sunday, Nov 10th: 530pm

     Sully and I just got home from our visit with Jeannette and Rich, and I thought I would make an update, since when I last wrote "...More to follow when more is known…." I sort of left people hanging.   Still, as it stands, there is not a lot of news really, but to me, the layman in all of this, Jeannette looks good, and that's the bottom line on where things are.    Rich is still keeping the nurses on task.   The exciting news to me that I can report is that her leg continues to improve, and the post-surgical analysis appears to be that the bone fix has been a grand success.   She was even doing stairs the last couple of days, and walking some more, and I honestly think if there were no other issues she would already have been on her way home.    [...]

Posted 2013-11-08T03:53:33Z

Thursday, Nov 7th 645pm

I'm sitting here with Sully, Rich, and Jeannette and thought I would take a minute to bring everyone up on the latest.    Yesterday was a great day, with Jeannette actually walking and even managing a few steps.   But today was a crisis of sorts, with Jeannette's stomach turning red and fluid accumulating.  Suddenly there were CAT scans, tubes being inserted and operating rooms being reserved.   Rich was in panic, of course, but Jeannette seems in great spirits, she's eating Corn Flakes and Grape Nuts and the new antibiotic drip is in full swing.   Still, it was a very scary day!  [...]

Posted 2013-11-05T04:07:23Z

Monday 4 Nov 7 pm

Jeannette finally got out of recovery and back to room 462 at 6:30pm. There were some issues with pain control. In fact she is making use of the little black button that dispenses the good feelings. Rich is being sent off to locate some ice cream. The watermelon from the cafeteria just did not cut it.  She is snacking, resting comfortably, and watching football. Her release will be coordinated by both Dr George and Dr Kavanaugh.  So for now, she is in good spirits and making plans for that first dance with Dr K. [...]