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Posted 2014-04-23T23:08:49Z

Another turn….(April 23, 3pm ADT)

As the 2014 year turns to spring there are new things to report and things to say.   Unfortunately, this time the news is not all that grand, but Rich has asked me to put out something and so I am.    As you all know, just a few days ago everything seemed to be going oh-so-well, and Rich's last update on April 11 was full of great news and wonderful pre-Easter reports that seemed to be almost miraculous.   But like the long roller coaster ride this has become, there was a new twist and turn in the road to recovery that none of us could have ever seen coming.    The latest setback is that Jeannette suffered an internal abscess (my term--probably not medically accurate) that was accompanied with a high fever; and with a bright redness spreading across her abdomen they found themselves making yet another rush to a new hospital and all on Easter weekend.   Of course, the regular doctors were "out" and so they had to get by that little problem.   She ended up having a new drain surgically put back in place and it was back in the hospital and back in the ICU.  The good news is that the new round of antibiotics managed to turn back the surprise infection and from what I understand it has been brought under control.   But with a new hole leaking in her tubing somewhere, she is back on liquid food (TPN) and they still need to sort out the treatment plan on where things will go "next."    But clearly, the get-well trip that seemed to be going forward so well is now on hold, and that's very disappointing news for everyone.   In the weeks to come more decisions will have to be made, and I'm hopeful that the doctors will compare their notes and come come up with a new plan.  For now, she is in the hospital, and things are stable and that's at least something good that can be reported.      

Clearly, the disappointment is difficult to put into words.    There are just so many other things going on too that I worry for them both--the stress level is much higher than it has been in a long while and this new development just adds to it all.   But hopefully things will brighten up with the on rush of summer, and they will be back home sooner than later.  I'll update this later when more is known.    - John 

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Comments (3)

  • Louise White
    Louise White

    Thank you for this update so people can renew their positive thought sending energies and prayers for them.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Linda Kissee
    Linda Kissee

    Thoughts of concern, love and prayers for you both to get through this obstacle. Also for your family. Much love, Linda and Steve

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Robert Cox
    Robert Cox

    Thank you, John! We have added them both to our prayers and to the lists of our church prayer warriors as well. Carol & Fuzzy

    6 years ago · Reply