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Posted 2015-04-30T03:54:00Z

How You Can Help

The hardest part about chronic pain is never knowing what's next. We are currently facing difficulties with Mona's health that have brought daily challenges. This past week Mona was hospitalized, via ambulance, due to severe pain. After spending hours in the emergency room they told her they did not know exactly what to do. After being discharged from the hospital she and James went to a second hospital. As of now the Harper's have not been able to find much hope.

Tuesday afternoon Jamie Grace posted about Mona's condition on Facebook and the Harpers received an overwhelming response from people everywhere (from California to France, India to Alabama...) with suggestions, referrals and encouragement. The Harpers are extremely grateful for the love and support they have received and though they are facing a very difficult time are feeling hopeful about the options that they have now been presented with. Over the coming weeks they will be contacting doctors in hopes of finding someone who can take on Mona Harper's case.

We are asking for the help of anyone who has the ability to be involved to do what they can for the Harper family. Please read below. 

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Since November 2012 the Harper family has worked diligently to keep this matter as private and personal as possible. While continuously serving as pastors and serving in the Christian music industry, they have been suffering in silence with their own deficiencies while knowing that God's grace is sufficient.

However, after a long awaited diagnosis... numerous nerve blocks... extensive treatment... alternative treatment and finally, in January of 2014, emergency surgery in New Hampshire (by one of only four qualified surgeons on the US) to correct the nerve entrapment, the Harper's are at a point where they are reaching out and they need your help. Your donations will help James "Papa J" and Mona "Mama Mona" Harper with travel and lodging as they seek treatment out of the state of Georgia.

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