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Mona Harper - Journal

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Posted 2015-08-13T20:21:00Z

Yesterday - Surgery, Today - Hospital

Yesterday the surgery was a success! Dr. Peters and his entire team have been absolutely phenomenal. The neurostimulator was implanted (temporarily) where it will stay for up to 2 weeks as they monitor the progress. (Note: it could take 2-3 days post surgery to start feeling a lot of progress). If, after the 2 weeks, there is a significant decrease in pain without adverse complications the device will be implanted permanently. So far, though not 100% better, mom is experiencing much less pain in relation to Pudendal Neuralgia.[...]

Posted 2015-08-12T01:04:58Z

Surgery - Tomorrow!!

This morning, mom, dad and myself packed up and drove very much North. We came out of state to seek medical care for mom with a doctor who has shown true care and concern for her and her condition. Unfortunately that has not been a common occurrence for our family. The last doctor (in GA) that we thought could help us with the neurotransmitter?... It was a heartbreaking, demeaning and deceiving experience. It was the first time I was actually there for a consult with my parents and was very overwhelmed but that's not what I wanna talk about today. We feel SO BLESSED where we are right here, right now and that's what I wanna focus on for right now![...]

Posted 2015-05-30T18:48:30Z

From Mama Mona

That's me. Mama Mona - 30 years ago. YES in a mohawk... bowtie and a flannel shirt. Wearing my sunglasses and looking rather fly.

My sunglasses were protecting the sunlight but not the SON-light. However, God protects me as I am awake and face every day in excruciating pain from my waist down due to complications from pudendal neuralgia. I could not have imagined at 20 years old as I looked so fly into the sun that my plans could change so rapidly. I, like so many of us, thought I had thought it all through. But although my plans changed, God's plans have never changed and they never will. We just have to learn how to align with HIS will and HIS way.[...]

Posted 2015-05-30T18:46:45Z

The Neurostimulator - It's GO TIME!

We no longer have an "idea" of what could help our mom but we have a goal :) A piece of tangible hope has landed in our lives. It's called a Neurostimulator and has an 85% chance of a decreasing my mom's pain by 50%! There is no "100%" but this is more hope than our family has seen in a very long time (in the medical sense).[...]

Posted 2015-04-30T03:54:00Z

How You Can Help

The hardest part about chronic pain is never knowing what's next. We are currently facing difficulties with Mona's health that have brought daily challenges. This past week Mona was hospitalized, via ambulance, due to severe pain. After spending hours in the emergency room they told her they did not know exactly what to do. After being discharged from the hospital she and James went to a second hospital. As of now the Harper's have not been able to find much hope.[...]

Posted 2015-04-30T01:22:38Z

Hospital Visit

:: APRIL 27, 2015 ::

Taken to the hospital via ambulance. Prayers needed. This picture was from yesterday when I worshipped God like it was my first and last usual. Comforted by my husband's words from on high... Even though the battle is the Lord's you still have to show up. I decided some time ago that I would be dressed up for the battle. [email protected] on Instagram[...]

Posted 2014-05-22T01:19:51Z

Home... Again :)

Hey everyone it's Jamie. I just saw my last post and this one will seem quite similar... today we are home!

Mom was hospitalized on Mother's Day/her birthday. She was no longer responding to the medicine she was on and was taken on a stretcher. They immediately took her off of that medicine and she was admitted to the hospital that night. They stopped using that one and spent the last week and a half trying to find the best solution for pain management.[...]

Posted 2014-02-11T04:33:57Z


Hi everyone, I (Jamie, youngest daughter) am pleased to say that mom and dad are finally back home in Atlanta! Tonight we had our first family dinner together in what felt like months which no kidding I think that's actually accurate time wise.[...]

Posted 2014-02-05T23:44:14Z

Path of Recovery


Mona (Mrs.Mona) was discharged from the hospital and has made her post-surgery visit with the doctor before she returns home. The Doctor expressed his satisfaction of the healing of the incisions and prescribed a regimen of medication for her in order to manage her pain levels as she recovers from the surgery and awaits the healing process of her condition. The doctor confirmed that there is not a definitive schedule that can be ascribed that can determine how long the healing process will take place other than the possibility over a span of years. Nerve restoration and functionality is unlike bones and organs, it takes time that infringes upon our patience.  Mona is resting and following through with her regimen endeavoring to regain her strength and prepare for travel back home.  [...]