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Posted 2015-08-12T01:04:58Z

Surgery - Tomorrow!!

This morning, mom, dad and myself packed up and drove very much North. We came out of state to seek medical care for mom with a doctor who has shown true care and concern for her and her condition. Unfortunately that has not been a common occurrence for our family. The last doctor (in GA) that we thought could help us with the neurotransmitter?... It was a heartbreaking, demeaning and deceiving experience. It was the first time I was actually there for a consult with my parents and was very overwhelmed but that's not what I wanna talk about today. We feel SO BLESSED where we are right here, right now and that's what I wanna focus on for right now!

Tomorrow is the big day. The outpatient for the neurostimulator!!! It will be placed externally for two weeks and if there is improvement it will be implanted internally. There are many different possibilities with this... sometimes a neurostimulator is implanted one on each side, sometimes only one. Tomorrow will potentially determine how we go about this for mom's case specifically.

Today was the consult. Mom met with two doctors and a student who CARE LIKE CRAZY. And I know for grammatical structure I should be speaking in past tense but the truth is, I'm sitting in the office right now... Texting Morgan and friends (sorry to those friends who I am very delayed in texting, ha) how exciting it is.

It's obviously difficult to hear the pain my mom is going through and to still feel a little like we're in the unknown, but the attentiveness and the way they're speaking to my parents like their story matters and not like she's just a number... It's refreshing. It's overwhelming - the good kind.

Morgan and her husband get into town tonight. Surgery (outpatient) is tomorrow. We will all be taking turns trying our hardest to keep everyone updated over the next few weeks.

If you want a yellow bracelet to support mom, please visit and make a donation. It's a great way to remember to pray for her and maybe even a reminder to come here and check for updates.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support! If you have personal contact with my mom or dad (us kids as well), please don't feel neglected or anything if they/we don't respond to your texts or calls, especially over the next few weeks. I KNOW they will appreciate your encouraging texts, calls, voicemails, etc. but they (as well as myself, Morgan and Patrick) may not be able to answer individual texts such as "how is it going?" or "When will she be coming home?" We will truly try to update here as much as needed.

Thank you guys so much for everything!!!! Especially everyone who was at church this past Sunday and who came over to help them pack and get ready for the trip. Y'all are amazing.

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  • Wanda Langley
    Wanda Langley

    Praying.. Total healing in Jesus name. Blessings!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Joan Myers
    Joan Myers

    We are praying for you. Jessica sends her love to all of you and especially Mama Mona. She asks that you tell her "No Worries" <3 Joan

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Robin Kinskey
    Robin Kinskey

    Dear Mona, I am so glad to hear that it is a go for surgery for you tomorrow! I am so praying for this to be the start to the end of your pain. You are such a inspiration to all that are lucky enough to come into contact with you! I met you at Wildwood Baptist Church a couple of weeks ago. I am the friend that was with Mary, Barry & Jacob Ayers. My name is Robin Kinskey. Your whole family is amazing! Stay strong & know that God has got this! I am praying for great results & God's comfort for you and your whole family! I love you

    5 years ago · Reply
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