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Posted 2015-05-30T18:46:45Z

The Neurostimulator - It's GO TIME!

We no longer have an "idea" of what could help our mom but we have a goal :) A piece of tangible hope has landed in our lives. It's called a Neurostimulator and has an 85% chance of a decreasing my mom's pain by 50%! There is no "100%" but this is more hope than our family has seen in a very long time (in the medical sense).

Unfortunately the insurance will not cover the neurostimulator so we are humbly asking that you and your family and friends consider giving a monetary donation. Anything as "little" as $5 counts! We know the grand total needed may seem like a lot of money but if you have spent any time with our mom in person or on the phone in the last 5 years we know there is a chance you understand the pain she is facing and we pray you deem this as something worth considering giving to.

Click on this page for the donate link!

If you are unable to give, there is also a free option that helps as well. Please click "share" and post why you think others should consider! smile emoticon

As a prerequisite, there is alwaysssss prayer. And we continue to lean on the Lord through all of this.

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