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Posted 2015-08-13T20:21:00Z

Yesterday - Surgery, Today - Hospital

Yesterday the surgery was a success! Dr. Peters and his entire team have been absolutely phenomenal. The neurostimulator was implanted (temporarily) where it will stay for up to 2 weeks as they monitor the progress. (Note: it could take 2-3 days post surgery to start feeling a lot of progress). If, after the 2 weeks, there is a significant decrease in pain without adverse complications the device will be implanted permanently. So far, though not 100% better, mom is experiencing much less pain in relation to Pudendal Neuralgia.


Throughout the night and earlier this morning, however, she began to have significant pain as a result of the procedure as well as the exams and nerve block done while she was under anesthesia. As the anesthesia wore off the pain increased and became so severe that we needed to call for a paramedic. Here at the ER they have been able to help her pain subside and are now admitting her into the hospital to look after her for a few days.


These are things we are specifically praying for:

-Pain from the procedure to subside

-Wisdom for the doctors

-Peace for the Harper family


These are the things in which we are currently rejoicing:

-Pudendal Neuralgia pain decreasing

-INCREDIBLE nurses, doctors & staff at the hospital


-Jamie Grace

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