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Posted 2017-10-01T22:29:00Z

How to give back to Rocco

Rocco's biggest concern in life was making sure his daughter Kendall would always have the medical care required for the lifelong challenges she faces with a debilitating disorder called EDS (Elhers Danlos Syndrome).

The entire family shares this worry now with Rocco passing and appreciates any love you can send her way.

If it is something you feel you would like to do, please go to the donation link on his page and for him we thank you. To ensure your donation is getting to the right place, I will confirm via personal message.

If you do not hear from me in a few days, let me know and we can solve it quickly. 

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  • Mary McDonald-Lewis
    Mary McDonald-Lewis

    Dear Denise, Might you post the link here? Sending love to you and Kendall. MaryMac

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Denise Betts
    Denise Betts

    Our Daily Bread The Perfect Prayer Partner October 2, 2017 Read: Romans 8:31–34 [Jesus] is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.—Romans 8:34 Few sounds are as beautiful as hearing someone who loves you praying for you. When you hear a friend pray for you with compassion and God-given insight, it’s a little like heaven touching earth. How good it is to know that because of God’s kindness to us our prayers can also touch heaven. Sometimes when we pray we may struggle with words and feelings of inadequacy, but Jesus taught His followers that we “should always pray and not give up” (Luke 18:1). God’s Word shows us that one of the reasons we can do this is that Jesus Himself “is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us” (Rom. 8:34). We never pray alone, because Jesus is praying for us. He hears us as we pray, and speaks to the Father on our behalf. We don’t have to worry about the eloquence of our words, because no one understands us like Jesus. He helps us in every way, presenting our needs before God. He also knows when the answers we ask for would not be good for us, handling every request or concern with perfect wisdom and love. Jesus is the perfect prayer partner—the friend who intercedes for us with immeasurable kindness. His prayers for us are beautiful beyond words, and should encourage us to always pray with thankfulness. —James Banks Thank You, Lord Jesus, for interceding for me with love. Help me to love and serve You with my prayers today. Visit us at for more resources on prayer. There’s no greater privilege than praying with Jesus. INSIGHT: From its opening affirmation to its closing declaration, Romans 8 is a powerhouse of encouragement for the follower of Christ. Today’s devotional highlights the reminder that Jesus Himself intercedes for us as we pray (v. 34). But there is even more help for us. Verse 26 tells us, “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” Imagine—the Son and the Spirit help us as we pray. What great reassurance that gives! Do you struggle with your prayers? Knowing that divine help is available encourages us to keep praying—even when we aren’t sure how. Bill Crowder Kendall, You are loved beyond imagination.......we are praying for you and your Mom. Love Denise and Larry

    5 years ago · Reply
  • David Shea
    David Shea

    To Denise and Kendall, I am so very sorry about the death of your husband and father. We all feel this loss in our own ways, but your loss is the greatest and most intense. Rocco was such an extraordinary man with a great abundance of talents and gifts that he so generously shared with all of us. I am but one among hundreds, among thousands, who have been touched by Rocco, into whose life he came and made such a profound difference. Every time he entered my seminary classroom, I ceased being the professor and returned to the role of student. I delighted in his every word and couldn't write fast enough as I tried to capture all the wonderful wisdom he was sharing with us. He left a huge and indelible imprint on me. I will always see his smile and hear his voice. Love, Deacon David Shea

    5 years ago · Reply
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