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Final pre-transplant update?

Yes, I’m entering Stanford Hospital a week from today for my bone marrow transplant. It’s a go. My current feelings are a mix of exhaustion, terror, depression and let’s-get-this-the-hell-over-with. My mantra – passed down from other transplant survivors - is “I can get through this.”
While I still feel like I’ve got too long a to-do and packing list, the major pieces seem to be falling into place: lovely caregiver, good house sitter, and hopefully a recovery place in Menlo Park. (Cross fingers, thank you Sheila.)
Because I know that my lovely friends are going to want to support me while I’m in the hospital (about a month) and in the apartment (about 3 months), here are the Glamour Do’s and Don’ts from Stanford:
·     Send me emails, texts and calls - or messages on this website. I’ll have my cell phone and tablet in the hospital. I won’t always feel well enough to answer or respond, but it will be nice hearing from you. Eventually, maybe we can do video chats.
·     Visit - but please, check with me first to make sure I’m feeling well enough for visitors. Please don’t drive over from Oakland or Orinda without texting or calling first. You will have to ‘suit up’ with a mask and washed hands.
·     Send suggestions for downloadable books or audiobooks – page turners especially. I probably won’t have the brain capacity for any fine literature or meaty non-fiction.
·     Focus your positive thoughts, visualizations and prayers based on what I’ll be going through at a particular time.
             From Feb. 4 through Feb. 10, I will be given massive doses of chemo to kill whatever is left of my cancer and immune system. Please focus your attention on reducing the side effects of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth sores, throat sores, and headaches.

             On Feb. 12, my donor’s stem cells will be introduced. From Feb. 12 on, please visualize happy stem cells bonding lovingly with my bone marrow and the growth of a wonderful new immune and bone marrow system (as well as continuing to reduce the side effects of the chemo.)
·     Visit if you aren’t healthy (colds, flu, infections) or have been around anyone who is sick – or who even thinks they may be getting sick. This is cardinal rule #1.
·     Visit if you are under 12
·     Send flowers, plants or latex balloons. I’m allowed mylar balloons for 3 days.
·     Visit more than 2 at a time while I’m in a shared room or after 8 pm. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have a shared room at the beginning and maybe the end. While I’m highly susceptible in the middle, I will have a private room.
Well, that’s about all I have the energy for right now. See you on the other side?

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Comments (15)

  • Wendie Lash
    Wendie Lash

    I'm already starting my prayers and visualizations for the pre-transplant days ahead of you. I'm sending strength, courage, calmness, and of course love. See you when you are ready for visitors. Hugs, Wendie

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Victor Koman
    Victor Koman

    Will follow all Do's and Don't's and am sending love and bestest wishes for you on this healing excursion. Since none of my novels are light reading, consider yourself safe from me imposing them on you. :-) You can do this -- you are a Gladiatrix! --Vic

    5 months ago · Reply
  • sandra weingart
    sandra weingart

    Sending you so much love! Will focus all of our thoughts as directed in the weeks ahead. XOXOXO

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Gina Dokko
    Gina Dokko

    Whew! How great to see your progress. You will get through this with your usual strength and grace. I will find some things for you to read!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Anne Eisenberg
    Anne Eisenberg

    Joanne, We know how strong you are. You will get through it. Thrilled to hear you may have a place to recuperate and house sitter is in place. It was good to see you, looking good by the way. Love, Anne and hal

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Kelly Wilson
    Kelly Wilson

    Wow. It’s getting so close! The stars truly are aligning and putting you closer to getting through this and to the other side!!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Debbie Gawrych
    Debbie Gawrych

    Oh Joanne: I am there with you with prayers and positive thoughts. I will stay in touch, text and email most likely. You will get through this with the support of all of your friends there and all over the world. So much LOVE for you dear friend. AND, we all will see you strong and healthy again on the other side of this. Love, Debbie Gawrych

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Janis von Thaden
    Janis von Thaden

    Dear Joanne, your mantra is perfect for you and I know you can make it through this. My love and prayers join with so many others to give you support. Stay strong and know that we are all here for you. Love, Janis

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Brad Power
    Brad Power

    Some podcast recommendations: "Slow Burn" looks back at Watergate and Bill Clinton's impeachment. 8 episodes each. "Bag Man": 7 episodes on Spiro T. Agnew, by Rachel Maddow

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Jill Anderson
    Jill Anderson

    Will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and prayers for healing and comfort your way.

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Nancy SHEPPARD
    Nancy SHEPPARD

    Great instructions for us all.... I look forward to seeing you there, back at your home in Larkspur, and back on the trails again...

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Jeremy Rothenberg
    Jeremy Rothenberg

    You WILL get through this. There are a lot of people at your back thinking of you and praying for you. You will do it! Sending love 💚💚💚

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Monica Turner
    Monica Turner

    All the very best Joanne. You are an inspiration. Big hugs. M&M

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Nancy SHEPPARD
    Nancy SHEPPARD

    After spending the afternoon with you yesterday, it feels like you are ready for this -- seeing beyond the next 3-6 months. Despite all the stress of changes, you showed me that you'll conquer this with the determination that you've shown to get to where you are in your career... You're a poster girl for Nike -- Just do IT... XOXO See you soon in your cute hospital pink PJs with cats on them...

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Julie Kaufman
    Julie Kaufman

    I'm so glad to have this site for updates and reaching you, Joanne. I'll be thinking of you every day. Unfortunately, I now have a cold and won't be able to visit until I know I'm completely done with it. Sorry about that!

    5 months ago · Reply

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