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Movin' On Up

Hi everyone.

I apologize for the month delay since the last update. I just couldn't seem to find the motivation to write while feeling so sick. The nurses and doctors tell me that my extreme version of a bone marrow transplant is one of the hardest things that our bodies can go through. I apparently did very well compared to others, but boy, I believe it.

HOWEVER, I was discharged from the hospital yesterday!!! I'm now happily ensconced in my very nice Menlo Park apartment, sitting at a kitchen table in front of a window and garden. My mood and even my appetite are improving being here. And, even better news is that I should only have to be here 2 months so I will be home in May, not June!

This clearly will be a slow road to recovery. I am really, really fatigued. I get tired just walking to the bathroom. Plus, I'm still recovering from some of the side effects from the chemo. So, it may be many months until I'm hiking the hills of Marin, but I'll get there eventually, fingers crossed.

The next 2 months will be an extension of the hospital: hiding out in the apartment from the germs of the world and going to doctors' appointments several times a week. The next big milestone will be a bone marrow biopsy in 2 months, right before I go home. This will show if the cancer has decreased as a result of the transplant. With what I have, the odds are 40% positive. So, still need those good thoughts and prayers! However, the doctors are thrilled with my progress so far and are optimistic.

The support that I received while I was in the hospital was really incredible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly special thanks to the local Peninsula crew who visited frequently, ran errands and even did my laundry (I highly recommend wearing your own clothes in a hospital): Sheila Zelinger, Joanne Sheehy, Sandi Nichols, Paul Nichols and Deb Robinson. Other very welcome visitors included Dan Bethlahmy, Anna Bethlahmy, Alan Lash, Amy Gonsier, Wendie and Bob Lash, Pat and Phil Williams, Kelly Wilson, Kathy and Bob Hill, Jim and Ellen Lussier, Nancy Sheppard and Jennifer Marks. You have no idea how just one visit a day gave me something to look forward to. Even the nurses commented on what a supportive friend network I have. I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but I am very grateful.

Thank you also for all the cards and presents through the mail from more distant friends. It will be hard to go back to just junk in the mailbox instead of seeing handwriting on an envelope!

I give massive credit for my recovery so far to my three healers who are taking turns giving me energy healings every night. I truly believe that my lack of infections and fevers and discharge ahead of schedule is very much due to their help: LynnEl Powell, Julie Clevenger and Christy Carrico. Blessings to you!!

Please come visit the apartment at 496 Sherwood Way #2, Menlo Park. There will be masks and hand sanitizer waiting for you. No mail here please, though; we don't have a mail key. If you want to send something, let me know, and I'll give you Sheila Zelinger's address, who has been kind enough to be my local post office.

Until next time,


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Comments (15)

  • Kathy Parkinson
    Kathy Parkinson

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news Joanne!!! DELIGHTED to hear you are settled in your Menlo HUGE step closer to all the good things ahead for you!!! OXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXO along with EVERY BEST WISH!!!!!! Kathy!

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Kevin Woo
    Kevin Woo

    Looks like you made it ... ( Barry Manilow). All the Best for you ...

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Jane Moser
    Jane Moser

    Joanne, I'm so happy to hear you are "halfway home" -- at least out of the hospital. It doesn't surprise me you may get to go home early. You have always excelled at everything you do! 😀 Such good news and you will be ready to hike those hills before you know it. Keep up the good healing and my prayers will definitely continue on your behalf.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Julie Kaufman
    Julie Kaufman

    I’m so glad to hear you’re out. That bump in energy and appetite you get when just out of the hospital is a wonderful thing. It happened to me, too. I’ll be over to visit as soon as I get back from my current trip.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Anne Eisenberg
    Anne Eisenberg

    Way to go! We are thrilled for you. Keep the good thoughts and all will be well. Much love and hugs, Anne and Hal

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Janis von Thaden
    Janis von Thaden

    Dear Joanne, What blessed news about your progress. Sending love and best wishes for your continued recovery. Surely the circle of love from all your friends is helping you heal. From the middle of the Pacific I send big hugs, Janis

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Julie Danis
    Julie Danis

    You were always an overachiever! Wonderful news. See you in June!

    4 months ago · Reply
  • sandra weingart
    sandra weingart

    Hooray! Such great news. You are a rockstar!

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Kathy Hill
    Kathy Hill

    wonderful!!! so so happy about this fantastic progress! xxoo

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Gina Dokko
    Gina Dokko

    You are such an overachiever (in the best possible way)! Teaching is almost done, so I'm looking forward to coming for a visit in a few weeks.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Monica Turner
    Monica Turner

    Well done Joanne. You can beat it! I know it.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Nancy SHEPPARD
    Nancy SHEPPARD

    What great news.... the hardest part over... see you soon there at the Ritz!!

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Victor Koman
    Victor Koman

    Hang in there, sweetie! You've got the will to succeed! All our love!

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Joanne Bethlahmy
    Joanne Bethlahmy

    Hi. I need to clarify. I'm not going home 3 weeks earlier because I'm some sort of healing rockstar. It was a math misunderstanding between me and the nurse coordinator. Regardless, I'm delighted of course! I was discharged 3 days (or 10%) early which I thought was awesome. But, weeks early is a bit too much to expect. :)

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Kelly Wilson
    Kelly Wilson

    What a crazy ride!

    4 months ago · Reply

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