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Posted 2019-12-14T03:38:00Z

Back to Stanford


I will write more later but wanted to let everyone know that I will be checking back into Stanford Hospital tomorrow afternoon for 1-2 weeks. They need to fix the graft versus host disease in my gut as well as reduce the myelofibrosis, which has increased. I don't know my room number yet, but I will be easy to find in the BMT unit or via text.

Please don't contact me tomorrow since it will be a stressful day with packing, driving down and checking in. To say that I am depressed about going back in the hospital after 10 months is an understatement, but I can't keep living in this stomach pain. I know that it's the holidays, but I really would appreciate company again in the hospital as you can manage it.

This really was Friday the 13th since Sam, my beloved companion of 16 years, died. I guess he didn't want to be left again when I went into the hospital. 馃槬


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Comments (12)

  • Julie Kaufman
    Julie Kaufman

    So sorry to hear this, Joanne! I鈥檓 recovering from shoulder surgery but will certainly come by to visit you. Let me know what else I can do.

    10 months agoReply
  • Stephanie Kirtland
    Stephanie Kirtland

    Oh Joanne, so sorry to hear. Sending hugs and prayers: will do my best to come visit. Xo

    10 months agoReply
  • Devora Lockton
    Devora Lockton

    Hugs and love, Dev

    10 months agoReply
  • Janis von Thaden
    Janis von Thaden

    I will be in touch soon, Joanne. So sorry you鈥檙e having a rough time once again and that you lost your beloved Sam. Love, Janis

    10 months agoReply
  • Monica Turner
    Monica Turner

    So sorry about Sam. He will be looking out from you from up there somewhere. We hope it goes well in the hospital. Big hugs. M&M

    10 months agoReply
  • Anne Eisenberg
    Anne Eisenberg

    Dear Joanne, We are so sorry both about Sam and that you need to return to the hospital. We know how much you loved Sam. Try to stay in good spirits. We wish you good luck. Love and hugs, Anne and Hal

    10 months agoReply
  • Linnell Chang
    Linnell Chang

    Dear Joanne, I'm so sorry about Sam. It's heartbreaking to say good by to a beloved pet. I am more sorry to learn that you need to return to the hospital. Stay strong, my friend. I will be thinking about you in the upcoming days and will be in contact. Love you. Linnell

    10 months agoReply
  • Wendie Lash
    Wendie Lash

    So sorry to hear about Sam :-( and that you need to return to the hospital. I have a very full week next week since we have been gone for 2 weeks on vacation. I'll plan to come by on Dec 24. So text me and let me know your room number. I have a meeting in Menlo Park noon - 1 pm so I'll check in with you after that to make sure you are up for company and come over after that.

    10 months agoReply
  • Jennifer Laity
    Jennifer Laity

    Oh Joanne, I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Sam and for your spending the holidays in the hospital. I pray that 2020 brings a year of health and some new joy. With love, Jennifer and Bob

    10 months agoReply
  • Barbara Wilbur
    Barbara Wilbur

    Joanne So sorry to hear you鈥檙e back in the hospital. Stay strong friend. Lee has multiple myeloma and I feel your pain and struggle. Sad to hear about your beloved friend. I know it鈥檚 heartbreaking. With Love xox

    10 months agoReply

    Joanne, I'll be in Palo Alto Thursday for afternoon meetings. Would love to stop by either before or after. Would one of the good folks here on PostHope be able-willing to advise the exact location of Joanne's Stanford unit? (Am coming from Portland, Oregon.) Jon Stine [email protected]

    10 months agoReply
    • Joanne Bethlahmy
      Joanne Bethlahmy

      Hi Jon. Would love to see you. Let me know good times for you. I posted my location in a new journal entry above

      10 months agoReply