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How You Can Help

HOW YOU CAN HELP - (Current as of February 4, 2015)

Share this page with as many people as possible.  Continue to offer Caren support through your words of encouragement through writing, letting her know you are out there, etc.

The family is raising funds to purchase things that will support Caren, their children, and entire family through this time of transition that the insurance covering Caren's medical care does not touch.

A major goal is a dependable, minivan (NOT a Chevy Venture please) -  that can hold 8-10 people comfortably with decent leg room, room for a wheelchair in the back, etc. Another major goal is paying off Caren's student loan, a repair loan on the home, materials for home repairs, and various other items that have been put on hold due to this situation. 

If there are other ways you would like to help, or other ideas you have - don't hesitate to contact the family directly, or post a comment under "Posts".  

Nothing will go unnoticed, without thanks, without recognition, without enormous appreciation.  We are doers, givers, and go-getters.  It is difficult to ask for help - but we are also humble enough to know when we need to reach out for that help.


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  • Ramona Andrews
    Ramona Andrews

    We are open and receptive to receiving your loving assistance. Thank you for standing with us in these challenging times. We are grateful.

    6 years ago · Reply