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Posted 2014-12-06T21:13:00Z

BooHoo To The Stomach Flu (and whatever else that ails you)

So my 12 year old got the Stomach Flu right around Thanksgiving....then my 6 year old last weekend....thought we had escaped it all.  Then both the 16 year old boys get hit.  My tummy was a lil wonky but just figured it was the "new normal" nausea I get now and again so didn't think much about it.  Went in on the 4th for the MRI for my kidney in the evening...

The nurse put the IV in wrong. It hurt and I told her so.  I told the MRI techs the IV wasn't right.  They thought it was just positional....I didn't.  I hurt from the time she put it in until it got taken out. Once they started the "contrast" part of the MRI....I started feeling liquid pouring down my arm....cold cold liquid.  I told them so....they kept going.   I told them I felt coldness going down my side....and they kept going....they said they are pretty sure they got enough contrast to complete the MRI....what the heck???  Then the Tech asks me if I am on blood thinners as he quickly took out the IV (which I am not) never did figure what that question was about.....then I got my glasses back and lo and behold there was a huge wet circle on the side of my gown that looked like it fell in a puddle of water and I just put it on. Great....contrast all over the side of my body...AWESOME.

Can we say that I am totally over and sick of Dr. visits, appointments, and all the tests, and all the crap that goes with it....and I was nauseous so bad when I get home and I wake up that I fall asleep as I cannot stay awake at all..... the next morning sick as a dog and now the stomach flu with all the works that come with it.....we won't go in to detail there.

So the weekend has been crazy...and my PT and OT therapists.....God Bless them still came to work with me while I was feeling like crud.  I had no one to take me to my counseling appointment because everyone was sick and in bed, so I had to cancel that appointment - and didn't want to make her sick either.  I still am not driving....but that is a whole other post in and of itself.

So I sleep, wake, sleep, wake and wait for the Auto Insurance place to "approve" my medications which I have been waiting on now for 2 weeks which most of them are all refills......ugh...oh and I have been out of one of my pain pills for nearly 3 days, so that does not make for a happy pain controlled - mama

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  • Ramona Andrews
    Ramona Andrews

    That stomach virus way wicked! Jesse still is challenged. You are so brave! Through a this, you continue to inspie me! 💙💛💚

    6 years ago · Reply