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Posted 2015-02-05T15:52:32Z

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

I am asked a myriad of questions that I don't know how to answer, as there are so many possible ways to answer.  However, I will do the best I can.  So now when people ask me things I give them a general answer or refer them to this blog.....This blog tells more in its pages than I could in a decently held conversation.  Just start from the oldest (or first blog) and work your way to the present bloggings....if you want to kinow that much.

Check out the photo albums on this site....a picture paints a thousand words but a 3D CT Scan tells the story (my claim)

How am I doing now?  

I would say that I am doing better than I was one year ago when brought into ER, but not as well as I was before then.  I would also say that I attempt to remain as goal oriented as positive as between crying jags, and a general feeling of blah most days.....but the desire to get back what was taken lingers strongly in the forefront of my focus...though my focus is easily distracted

What is the prognosis/recovery time?

Looking at about another year to year and a half based on medical staff/specialists .  From the time when I was no longer injured essentially - "nothing before that counted and was wasted energy" per my Ortho Surgeon.  He is going by the recovery date NOW of 6-8 weeks after surgery....that basically everything before the surgery "doesn't count"?  This was all initially confusing to me and very angering. This whole ordeal has been dramatically life changing on every level imaginable.  There are new layers to this all the time that continue to pop up.  However, I have never been the type of patient to meet the "average patient" or the "average norms" my goal, of course, is to beat that time frame.  I survived death twice in 2014.....I think I have a pretty good head start on the law of averages here (trying to stay positive)..

Will I remain in a wheelchair or can I walk?

The long and the short answer is no I will NOT remain in a wheelchair.  I am more out of the wheelchair now than in it.  I do use the electric carts at stores which are another blessing entirely. I walk with a cane at home and as many places in public as possible.  I am learning where all the "sit down and resting" spots are.  I still do need the wheelchair now and again as my stamina varies daily &/or weekly....especially when it comes to distances.....guess what...nothing is consistent.....other than my progress at this point.  I just have to be patient with myself and the process in general.  Much much easier said than done.  One day though, I will be running without a cane or need of a wheelchair.....give me time...

I know I will continue to take one step forward and 2 steps backward, but we are still moving forward.

What is being done for me?  

I have Physical, Occupational,Recreational Therapists several times a week, plus I see a Counselor now to help me adjust to all the newfound changes and other related "schtufffffff" :)  I have a Physiatrist, Orhopedic Group, Primary Care Physician, Neuro-Opthomologist, and various other professionals working to help me.  My experience before surgery and after surgery has been a profound and dramatic difference in many varying aspects.  Those closest to me and to this situation know what I mean by that.

What am I doing for myself?

I am trying to find healthy ways to deal with the failure in the duty of care of the various professionals I should have been able to trust with me and my case since my admission after the wreck to present.  I am staying focused on what matters most to me, my kids and family, my faith, holding on to HOPE, and learning to advocate for mysekf differently and more effectively.  

What do I remember about the wreck?

Absolutely nothing!  Yes, still!  Absolutely nothing.,,,,,,after talking about this more than several times. I am convinced now that this was/is a blessing.

How is Austin (my then 5 year old - now 6)?  Did he get hurt?

Austin's carseat and the seat he was in got damage to it.  Austin did not get a scratch or even a bruise. However, it has affected him in a deeply traumatic psychological and emotional way.  How could it not?  He still remembers and still talks about it. All I know is that I am grateful for my seatbelting skills *wide grin*, that his seatbelt assembly did not fail him like mine did me, and that he had angel wings wrapped around him that day in more ways than one.  There were many miracles that day.....many!!!!

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  • Karleen Robinson
    Karleen Robinson

    Thank you for your comment----so what is marybeth up to--and how is she doing---and how is Kane ---are they both still living with you-----did their mother move---??? and how is Rick and Benj doing----???

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Ramona Andrews
    Ramona Andrews

    My miracle baby - all grown up, ALIVE!, and loved. I am so proud of you! Keep on keeping on. 143

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Caren Robinson
    Caren Robinson

    Thanks mom.....I love you so much. So much.

    6 years ago · Reply