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Posted 2015-08-25T04:01:27Z

Symbol of the Cactus

With each of your victories, you inspire us, edify us, lift us up in faith, and renew our hopes of better times ahead.  I salute the new life you live.  May you also be encouraged.


To you I give this cactus flower

A symbol of your beauty

With grace you have survived the worst,

 ‘Twas more than just your duty.


You see, the cactus grows in deserts

In very harsh conditions

It will bloom and thrive in faith

With bravery its mission.


The ancients held the mysteries dear

Of healing and protection.

The strength of inspiration –

Treasured in introspection.


A mother’s unconditional love,

All her victories impart

Undying warmth and passion

Swelling in each childish heart.


A symbol of your beauty

This flower to you I give

Hidden treasures of your heart,

As you find new ways to live.


Love, Mom

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  • Caren Robinson
    Caren Robinson

    Absolutely GLORIOUS. I love your writings. You are a priceless gem mom.

    5 years ago · Reply