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Having FAITH

FAITH is stepping on the "seeming void" and finding the rock beneath.  


                                                                         With FAITH comes HOPE. 

Where there is HOPE there is FAITH

                                                         Where there is FAITH MIRACLES happen.


I can say with pure conviction that I would not have survived all that I have this far into my life without a strong connection to my Faith and my deep Spiritual Connection. I can say that throughout this recovery process, there are times when it feels that all I have that is consistent is my Spiritual self and my every present, life clinging grasp onto HOPE.

I am not without humility when it comes to the fragility of life in general.  I am truly in awe of the miraculous events, too numerous to be coincidental, involving the wreck I was in.  There were angel wings wrapped around my son that day.  It is the only explanation for his survival....the only explanation for my survival.  My continued courage to overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties, medical and otherwise have only been conceivable due to my connection to God and the abiding Faith that I embrace.  This propels me and gives me strength to never give up HOPE.

“Can’t” is not in my vocabulary as a general rule.  I have never been that type of person to accept “can’t” as an acceptable answer.  I feel this limits the education and growth of ourselves as individuals, professionals, spouses, family, parents, and friends. 

One of my favorite verses is Phillipians 4:13  “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”.  This has fueled me for years.

I lived through this wreck for a reason.  I was meant to survive.  There is a plan, a special plan for my life.  My life matters.  I am not here to merely exist without offering some meaningful contribution to my family and the world.  I have been led to serve others my whole life.  I have enjoyed this life of service immensely.  I am grateful for the blessing that I have been given to continue my life’s journey. I am not sure yet, why I was CHOSEN to live, while others with far less injuries have died – but I will not waste this time.  It is precious, and every moment counts! 

My dad used to say that many are “LED” but few are “CHOSEN”.  I never understood that very much as a child, however, I feel I am getting a better grasp on this as an adult – especially as one who continues to survive from a Catastrophic and Life changing event (but then aren't all life events life changing?)

I find myself led to continue to write about my Trauma, my Survival, my Rehabilitation, and Self-Advocacy -  so that others may perhaps find something useful from my experiences and I have a written expression of healing. I am enormously grateful to my mother for starting this blog here and for being a testament for my life.  The timeline of events that she has written about has been very helpful to me as well.  I love seeing her posts and hearing her words like a warm blanket of protection.  How she knows how to say just the right things still amazes me.  I hope, in the end, that my kids love me as much as I love her. As much has she has helped me to continue to love myself.  She is amazing. 

I am blessed with a selfless and loving husband as well.  He has sacrificed much for me.  Not only did God Choose me, but so did he.  My love for him is unyielding and he is simply amazing.

My HOPE is that I continue to be led to the proper medical care,  and interventions to help me further my life as a functional, active, evolving, spiritual and passionate human being. My HOPE is that my family is continually blessed with support and strength to endeavor this journey with me.  It has not been easy on them either.

I realize I will never be the same Caren I was before the wreck.  The “new normal” I embrace I am still getting to know……. though bent and literally broken (with ongoing fractures and injuries galore) I am a work in progress and I am not giving up on ME.  If you are reading this, thank you for being here at this moment.  Please don’t give up on me either.  With your help, your support, your presence, your intercession, your skills, your energy – real or virtual, all things are possible.

Have FAITH.  Never give up HOPE.

                            With FAITH comes HOPE

Where there is HOPE there is FAITH

                                                         Where there is FAITH.  MIRACLES happen.



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Comments (4)

  • Ramona Andrews
    Ramona Andrews

    And all the people said, "Amen!"

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Carolyn DeNeut
    Carolyn DeNeut

    Caren - we are always stronger than we know we can be.....and find this out in times of hardship. Your words are strength to probably more people than you even know. Keep the faith, sweet lady. You're AWESOME!!!!!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Caren Robinson
    Caren Robinson

    Hello friends. I received a thought provoking comment in one of the groups I belong to online. An individual left a comment stating that my post, this above post, was proselytizing. I try to write in a neutral fashion most times to relate to the majority out there; however, this is about MY experiences, MY story. If what is found in my posts helps you in some way, then great...if it does not, that is okay as well...leave it behind... They wrote: your post is about your (emphasis on YOUR) faith. Please don't proselytize here. This was my response: (name left out intentionally here for pasting my comment here)... _________ thank you for clarifying. Please consider the following: Faith can apply to ANYONE. Faith is not about poselytizing. It's not even inherently about religion or any sort of dogma (though some embrace it this way and do not understand anything beyond that). "Faith is about a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. A Crisis of Faith is not when a belief is questioned, but when we sense that a deep trust has been broken. Someone has been Faithful, a Faithful spouse, a Faithful friend, a Faithful person, when they hold not only the sacred trust they place in others, but the sacred trust others place in them as one of the most important aspects of their human existence." You could maintain Faith in your doctor, in your therapists, in the surgeons skillful hands, in a nothing even. You can have faith in your car to get you to the next location. "Faith is not about belief. Faith in fact has very little to do with what beliefs you hold, other than that it allows you to hold them. Faith is a sacred, deep, emotionally involved kind of trust." Yes, it is true that some people apply trust to their personal convictions. Please also consider that to proselytize means convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another. So by that definition this very group proselytizes information about TBI and Post Concussion Syndromes. For me, my post stands. For me, HOPE and Faith are intertwined. If you look at the actual root definition and not just the standard interpretation, it speaks to everyone and not just a select few. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share a bit more about this....

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Caren Robinson
    Caren Robinson

    Thank you Carolyn.

    6 years ago · Reply