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Posted 2015-04-21T19:16:00Z

No News Is Good News, Some of the Changes I've Made

Hi Friends and Family,

It's been 5 weeks since my last update, but as mentioned before, no news is good news!  The last few rounds of chemo and bloodwork have been going well aside from some hand and foot sensitivity that have prevented me from going to the gym and have prompted a dose reduction in my Xeloda.  My liver, lungs, and blood work all seem to be normal, and my Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) has remained around 1.35 (1-5 is normal).  I have a colonoscopy scheduled for mid May and a CT scan in June, so those are the next milestones.  Hopefully we can continue doing what we're currently doing for a long time without any changes.[...]