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Posted 2016-03-30T05:07:10Z

Next Mapping/Y90

Quick update on the next steps of treatment of the liver.  

After further consultation from the radiologist on the previous Y90 procedure, it was confirmed that the radiation was successful in killing most if not all of the tumor on one side of the liver.  Another procedure was recommended to intervene on the other side of the liver and ablation (punching a hole through the gut, inserting an instrument, and freezing/burning the tumor) was strongly considered, but due to the proximity of other organs and intestines, another Y90 was preferred.[...]

Posted 2016-03-02T04:43:09Z

MRI and Y90 Effectiveness

As promised here are the preliminary results of the Y90 treatment based on the MRI.

First, I'll comment on the MRI.  That was my first MRI, incredibly weird, and different from all the CT scans I'm used to.  First you walk into a room that appears to be sealed with what appeared to be blast doors and a bunch of warnings and lights on the outside talking about the strength of the magnet in the room.  The nurse then hit a button that decompressed the room and made that hiss sound upon opening the door like in the movies.[...]