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Posted 2014-04-30T20:00:11Z

Support Update

From Paul & Jenny:

Friends & Family, for those interested in supporting Sam & Jerome’s household, please see the new content regarding non-monetary support on the “DONATIONS” Tab. Many are excited to support and they are going to love it![...]

Posted 2014-04-30T02:00:52Z

UW Liver Tumor Clinic Visit

It was a long morning at UW in the new Surgical Pavilion spent mostly waiting.  The purpose of today's visit was to meet with a multi-disciplinary team of doctors who were "conferencing" on my case to discuss my case and make recommendations for treatment.  The conference was called the Liver Tumor Clinic as they specialize in tumors that metastasize to the liver from other origination areas.  The person who walked us to the exam room mentioned how "this is a big deal", and that patients fly in from Europe and Asia just to have this consultation and recommendations on treatment at UW.  How fortunate this is in our own backyard.[...]

Posted 2014-04-25T15:31:48Z

Lung CT Scan Results

After our first meeting with the doctors at SCCA, they wanted me to undergo another CT scan of my lungs, as the original CT scan focused on the pelvic/abdomen region, which only showed the bottom of the lungs, and they wanted to check to see if the cancer has spread beyond what they could see.[...]

Posted 2014-04-24T04:42:27Z

First Session of Chemo

Follow-up to yesterday's shenanigans

After yesterday's excitement discussed in the post below, I was happy to be squeezed into the schedule this morning, which had an identical itinerary to yesterday according to the nurse.  I drove my moms car (because she prefers other people driving) to SCCA and showed up in the lab at 7:20am, and they said that I didn't have an appointment with them, who then called up to the nurse who indicated that because I had my blood labs done yesterday I was fine.  I then went up to see the nurse, and they said the same thing, that I didn't have an appointment, which was starting to concern me.  Luckily the receptionist mentioned that because they saw me within 48 hours that I didn't need to see her again.  He also mentioned that I am in the system for a 9am infusion, and that's all that mattered to me.[...]

Posted 2014-04-23T03:17:31Z

Update on Day One

From Jerome: Numerous calls to SCCA finally resulted in them submitting the orders to Premera, and nurses and doctors told me that it was marked as an urgent request.  They also mentioned that the next available appointment for me would be next Thursday (May 1st), but if Premera processes the request soon, I could be seen tomorrow.  I then called Premera to verify they had everything needed and to drive the processing as much as I could, and of course they mention that the request from SCCA wasn't marked as urgent and wasn't requested to be processed until May 1st.  That was where it was too many mis-communications and I needed to escalate (it hit the fan).[...]

Posted 2014-04-22T18:16:46Z

SCCA: "We dropped the ball"

From Jerome: This morning, I was excited to finally begin my chemo treatment.  My dad was kind enough to pick me up and dropped me off at SCCA by 7am.  They tapped into my port with a rather large gauge needle (quite painful), drew my blood, and left it in for the chemotherapy.[...]

Posted 2014-04-21T05:26:03Z

Inaugural Post

From Paul: This support portal (supportal) was started for Jerome and Samantha Jimenez by loved ones for loved ones. It will serve as a repository to communicate the status of Jerome’s fight with cancer, allowing the concentration of their social media, Phones, and general conversations to stay centric on their everyday life. This will also provide anyone a way to show support in the form of positive messaging, prayers, and giving. It may also be educating on the process and well-being for all who follow.[...]

Posted 2014-04-21T04:37:10Z

Jerome’s Message

From Jerome: I feel so blessed to have every single one of you supporting me!  This won't be an easy battle, but knowing that I have you cheering me on gives me the strength I need to beat this.  I especially want to thank my parents for all their help, Caleb for giving me a big reason to fight, and most of all, Sam for going with me to all my appointments, taking wonderful care of Caleb, and for doing all the little things each and every day.[...]