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Posted 2016-09-23T14:52:00Z

9/23/16 - Doctor: You Have One Month To Live

Hello everyone, aside from my first post, this was my most hardest post to write, because with it comes the most difficult news.

Last time I shared, I was hoping to get onto a clinical trial, but my liver numbers were too elevated. I drank lots of water, retook the test on Friday 9/16, and still had no luck as my numbers (AST and ALT) although significantly improved, were still not within threshold.[...]

Posted 2016-09-14T20:18:40Z

9/14/16 - One Hurdle Before The New Trial Starts

A few hours ago I posted about the new clinical trial, and how the first step was that they would screen my blood markers to ensure I was within safe limits.  I just received a call from my Nurse and the Trial Coordinator, and it appears that two of my blood markers are elevated to the point where I cannot participate in the clinical trial.  My AST and ALT markers in my liver are too elevated.[...]

Posted 2016-08-24T02:06:54Z

8/23/16 - Shingles Update, CT Scan Results, Next Steps, Prognosis

Lot's to discuss, let's dive in!

Shingles: Shingles is not fun.  As I mentioned before, it affects a nerve directly.  For me the pain was at its worst last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which was a constant 6, and randomly spiked to an 8 or 9 in my chest by my heart, which felt like a stabbing of a knife, and a twisting of the knife which were the spikes of pain.  That was the front.  [...]

Posted 2016-06-27T16:03:00Z

6/27/2016 - Answers to FAQ about the Trial

Hello there!  Here's some answers to some FAQ I've been asked related to the trial, along with an update on side effects.

What is a Clinical Trial?: I've been asked this question a few times so here's a quick analogy.  Let's say you're Microsoft, and want to release a new product.  Before you do so, you spend lots of time doing research and development, and get to a reasonably complete project and need user input to move forward.  [...]

Posted 2016-06-14T02:37:21Z

6/13/16 - The Clinical Trial Begins!

Hi Friends and Family,

A few quick updates regarding the clinical trial.  A couple weeks ago, I met with my oncologist for a standard appointment and blood work check.  Dr. Harris mentioned that my blood work looks really good, as my counts are back to normal, including liver function and white blood cells.  He also mentioned that there was another clinical trial that was open that was similar to the gene altering drug in mechanism.  However, this drug has been tested on rats and other animals, but not on humans, so I would truly be one of the first to receive the drug.  [...]

Posted 2016-05-04T04:19:59Z

5/3/16: CT Scan Results, Next Steps, and Prognosis

Hope you're all well!  As mentioned in my last update, I had a CT scan this morning and met with my Oncologist to discuss the results.  Lot's to get to here, so let's talk about the good news and the bad news.  

This staging scan was to see the progression of my tumors to better understand how effective the Y90 radiation and oral chemo have been.  My CEA (blood tumor count) has slowly been rising, and the CT scan showed how this translates to tumor growth.[...]

Posted 2016-04-22T19:02:00Z

Y90 Today, CT Scan in 11 Days

Hey There, short update:

I'm currently sitting at UW, working, and waiting to have my Y90 procedure in a few hours.  The procedure will be similar to what I had a few months ago, and hopefully the recovery will be equally as quick; especially considering the doctors will be operating on my upper leg, and in exactly one week we'll be on a hiking trip.  Perfect timing =( I'm hoping I won't be too sore and the radiation won't have any side effects.[...]