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Posted 2016-03-30T05:07:10Z

Next Mapping/Y90

Quick update on the next steps of treatment of the liver.  

After further consultation from the radiologist on the previous Y90 procedure, it was confirmed that the radiation was successful in killing most if not all of the tumor on one side of the liver.  Another procedure was recommended to intervene on the other side of the liver and ablation (punching a hole through the gut, inserting an instrument, and freezing/burning the tumor) was strongly considered, but due to the proximity of other organs and intestines, another Y90 was preferred.[...]

Posted 2016-03-02T04:43:09Z

MRI and Y90 Effectiveness

As promised here are the preliminary results of the Y90 treatment based on the MRI.

First, I'll comment on the MRI.  That was my first MRI, incredibly weird, and different from all the CT scans I'm used to.  First you walk into a room that appears to be sealed with what appeared to be blast doors and a bunch of warnings and lights on the outside talking about the strength of the magnet in the room.  The nurse then hit a button that decompressed the room and made that hiss sound upon opening the door like in the movies.[...]

Posted 2016-02-29T18:41:50Z

Y90 Side Effects and Results

Hey there, just providing a quick update on what happened and what's going on tomorrow.

Y90 Side Effects: So a few weeks ago I had the Y90 procedure and similarly to the mapping I was awake but sedated throughout the procedure.  I remember them injecting the beads through a tube that went up from my leg up into my liver and them monitoring it on the giant screen in front of them.  Didn't feel a thing.  

Afterwards, I went up to the outpatient room for a bit to monitor me to ensure my artery was properly sealed, and once relatively stable, I made my way down to nuclear medicine for a scan to ensure I wasn't leaking too much radiation, which I wasn't.  I was then sent home, and felt a bit drowsy in the afternoon and took a nice long nap.  The next day, however, I felt perfectly fine, no side effects from the radiation, and no residual pain from the procedure.  Of course I was directed not to lift anything >10lbs so my artery doesn't burst open, but aside from that I felt great, and continued to not experience any side effects from the radiation.  [...]

Posted 2016-01-25T05:56:46Z

Y-90 Radiation Procedure

Y-90 radiation is a cool sounding procedure, and I have my first treatment tomorrow, 1/25, at UW Med Center.  I also had the mapping a couple weeks ago and it went smoothly.  I'll just outline briefly what the day looks like tomorrow, again for the purposes of sharing my experiences.[...]

Posted 2015-12-15T22:46:00Z

December 2015 CT Scan Results, New Treatment, Prognosis

Happy holidays!  Had a CT scan yesterday and got the results minutes ago:

CT Scan: Unfortunately, again there was growth in the liver; enough to have the doctor rethink the strategy of the current regime of FOLFIRI and change it up.  The largest legions on the liver grew from 2.5 to 3.5cm, and the doctor told me I would start seeing the side effects of the liver tumors around 7cm.  There was overall growth in the liver, but minimal growth in the lungs which is good.  Based on this information, the doctor suggested we change up the strategy as described below.[...]

Posted 2015-10-23T15:02:07Z

CT Scan Results and New Regime

CT Scan Results: On Monday 10/12 I had another CT scan, and received the results on Tuesday, 10/13.  Long story short, the results were not the best, as the tumors in the liver appeared to grow 10% (not sure if 10% of the original size or 10% of the liver), and there was also minimal growth in the lungs (<1 millimeters).  This evidence of resistance of the tumors to the chemo was enough for the doctor to change the regime of Folfox to Folfiri (replace Oxaliplatin with Irinotecan), and replace Avastin with Celebrex.  [...]

Posted 2015-08-06T22:18:27Z

Impact of Treatment

Hi Everyone, just wanted to provide a quick update on how the "new" treatment is going:

So a few weeks ago, I received my first dose of the increased intensity regime, and it seemed to have hit me harder than I expected.  I expected that it would be similar to what I was feeling with the previous regime, just a bit more fatigue, as I was under the impression that it would just be introducing oxaliplatin back into the mix, but after my second dose of the new regime this week, I found out that I was also receiving leucovorin, another chemo drug, which puts me at 4 out of the 5 major drugs I was on last year.  The regime I'm now on is called FOLFOX (when the irinotecan is added back in, it will be called FOLFOXIRI).  I'm also back to carrying the portable pump for another 48 hours after the conclusion of my infusion at SCCA, and having to have it disconnected either at home, or returning to SCCA.[...]

Posted 2015-07-14T18:50:00Z

Endoscopy Results, New Doctor, New Treatment

Hello there, lots to get through since the past update.  I'll try to be concise, but not skip over anything important.

Upper Endoscopy - A couple of weeks ago, I had another procedure at the UW Digestive Disease Center where they stuck a tube down my throat and into my stomach because I was feeling something that I was worried was a tumor in my throat because I felt something there when I swallowed that progressively got worse.  Luckily, there was nothing found, so it was perhaps just a scratch developed from the Avastin with a cumulative effect.  Bullet dodged.[...]