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Posted 2014-04-21T05:26:03Z

Inaugural Post

From Paul: This support portal (supportal) was started for Jerome and Samantha Jimenez by loved ones for loved ones. It will serve as a repository to communicate the status of Jerome’s fight with cancer, allowing the concentration of their social media, Phones, and general conversations to stay centric on their everyday life. This will also provide anyone a way to show support in the form of positive messaging, prayers, and giving. It may also be educating on the process and well-being for all who follow.[...]

Posted 2014-04-21T04:37:10Z

Jerome’s Message

From Jerome: I feel so blessed to have every single one of you supporting me!  This won't be an easy battle, but knowing that I have you cheering me on gives me the strength I need to beat this.  I especially want to thank my parents for all their help, Caleb for giving me a big reason to fight, and most of all, Sam for going with me to all my appointments, taking wonderful care of Caleb, and for doing all the little things each and every day.[...]