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Posted 2014-06-17T05:49:14Z

What A Day Of Chemo Looks Like

In the spirit of sharing my experiences and educating whoever visits this site, I wanted to describe what a standard day of chemo looks like.  Before all this started, I had no idea what the process was to undergo chemotherapy, and had the predisposition that it was just a bunch of sitting and doctors giving you medicine, but now that I've been through it 4 times, I thought I could clarify for others again to educate on this interesting process.[...]

Posted 2014-06-11T04:06:50Z

For The First Time, I Am At a Loss For Words

When I was first diagnosed, one of top 3 concerns weighing on my mind was work.  I didn't want to be sick so I could continue focusing on my career.  There were so many questions weighing me down including: "how they would take the news that I physically may not be able to work during chemo; would HR be supportive; would I fade away in everyone's mind while not being in the office;" etc.  [...]

Posted 2014-06-10T00:51:29Z

CT Scan Results

I met with Dr. Back last Friday who immediately went into the CT scan results.  He indicated that the cancer nodules in the liver and lungs have both decreased by over 50%.  He also mentioned that this is better than what they usually see at this point with patients going through the same regime.  The nodules in the liver and lungs were what Dr. Back was most concerned with, and he's pleased to see these nodules reacting positively.[...]

Posted 2014-05-18T16:26:43Z

Things Learned So Far - Insurance

In looking back, there's been a few things I'm glad I did, and some things I wish I did differently relating to insurance and health savings accounts.  I thought I would share a few things I've learned from this whole experience related to the various insurance policies, payments, and dealing with the health and insurance companies.  Overall, in looking back, I feel so blessed that Microsoft is generous enough to offer very good benefits and coverage.[...]

Posted 2014-05-11T23:55:24Z

What It's Like To Go Through Chemo: Side Effects Update (Infusion 2 of 12)

Foolishly, I thought I could fly under the radar, that my experience with the first infusion would be similar to that of the subsequent ones, and unfortunately I couldn't be more wrong.  The side effects this time hit me like truck, leaving me without energy, feeling extremely weak, and feeling sensitivities the doctors described which I had hoped I would be immune to because of my age and general health.[...]

Posted 2014-05-08T04:56:28Z

Notes from Infusion 2 of 12

I just wanted to provide a brief update on yesterday's infusion.  Aside from starting late and ending late (we didn't leave until 9:30pm), everything went off without a hitch.  The drugs were administered as normal, the familiar side effects from the first infusion presented themselves yesterday (shaking legs, numbness, nausea, slurred speech).[...]