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Posted 2016-02-29T18:41:50Z

Y90 Side Effects and Results

Hey there, just providing a quick update on what happened and what's going on tomorrow.

Y90 Side Effects: So a few weeks ago I had the Y90 procedure and similarly to the mapping I was awake but sedated throughout the procedure.  I remember them injecting the beads through a tube that went up from my leg up into my liver and them monitoring it on the giant screen in front of them.  Didn't feel a thing.  

Afterwards, I went up to the outpatient room for a bit to monitor me to ensure my artery was properly sealed, and once relatively stable, I made my way down to nuclear medicine for a scan to ensure I wasn't leaking too much radiation, which I wasn't.  I was then sent home, and felt a bit drowsy in the afternoon and took a nice long nap.  The next day, however, I felt perfectly fine, no side effects from the radiation, and no residual pain from the procedure.  Of course I was directed not to lift anything >10lbs so my artery doesn't burst open, but aside from that I felt great, and continued to not experience any side effects from the radiation.  [...]