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Posted 2014-10-31T03:28:00Z

CT Scan Results, Maintenance, and Prognosis

Hello family and friends!  It's been 5 weeks since surgery and I feel great.  There is no more pain, and just a bit of muscle soreness in my lower abdomen, but aside from that (and having to use the restroom quite frequently), the healing has been going wonderfully.  I met with my oncologist, Dr. Back, yesterday to go over the CT scan results and ask a number of questions I had in mind (my auditor hat was on strong during this meeting!) and wanted to share the details with you here.[...]

Posted 2014-09-27T18:21:14Z

Surgery/Post-Surgery Updates

From Sam:

Hello all!  Thank you for your continued prayers, thoughts, support, kindness, and love.  Today marks Jerome's 3rd day in the hospital as he continues to recover from his surgeries.  The surgeries themselves went as well as we could hope.  Both for the liver and the colon were conducted laparoscopically using modern robotic technology (pretty cool!).  Although they were major surgeries, they were not as invasive and Jerome's healing process should be quicker.  It wasn't until the day of in the pre-op room, that we found out from the nurses that they were going to perform the surgeries this way.  They mentioned that there would be some possibility of open surgery if needed.  We initially expected it to be all open based on our consultations with the doctors previously, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear this.[...]

Posted 2014-09-18T18:57:35Z

Colon and Liver Surgery Details

Hi everyone!  It's been a long time since the last post because I have just been preparing for surgery.  Since the last post, I've met with the colon surgeon, Dr. Alessando Fichera at the UW Surgery Pavilion who will be performing the colon resection who went into details about the surgery. He is a nationally renowned surgeon who has been specializing in colon cancer, is a professor of surgery at UW, and was voted top doctor for 2014.[...]

Posted 2014-08-21T23:03:02Z

Infusion 9 and Surgery Update

Hello friends and family!  Another quick update on the latest infusion that happened last Tuesday (8/19).  Infusion 9 went by much quicker for some reason (only 4 hours), and the side effects were similar to before.  The one good news from the infusion was that the CEA count is down again from 1.5 to 1.1, which is exciting.[...]

Posted 2014-08-13T23:19:25Z

Second CT Scan Results

On Monday of this week (8/11/14), I had my second CT scan after starting chemo, and we went over the results with Dr. Back.  According to the doctor, the tumors in the liver, lungs, and colon have continued to shrink, and the largest tumors are smaller than before!  According to the doctor, everything is going as well as he'd hoped, and after the next CT scan, we'll discuss options for surgery and maintenance chemo.  My tentatively last chemo, number 12, is scheduled for September 29th.  Overall things are progressing well, and we're on track for the doctor's expectations of the cancer reacting to the chemo.[...]

Posted 2014-08-04T23:11:37Z

Quick Update: Infusion 8, Another Great Distraction, and Upcoming CT Scan

Hi Friends and Family!  A quick update on Infusion 8 which occurred last Monday, similar side effects except stronger and longer lasting.  CEA number increased for the first time, from 1.4 to 1.5, which is negligible according to the nurses, and expected.  They mentioned that the CEA number would fluctuate, and as long as it's within the normal range (0-5.0), it's nothing to worry about.[...]

Posted 2014-07-24T16:40:34Z

Caleb's First Birthday and Infusion 7 Quick Update

As a nice distraction to everything going on, this past weekend we celebrated Caleb's first birthday.  It was a dreary but dry Sunday afternoon at Coulon Park, and Mickey (Mr. Mouse due to copyright laws lol) made an appearance.  160 of our closest friends and family joined us in celebrating this milestone, which is a great testament to how loved he is.  See below for pictures of us with Mickey, Caleb enjoying his cake, Caleb's reaction to removing his cake, and a picture taken on his actual birthday (7/23/14).[...]

Posted 2014-07-08T21:51:46Z

Quick Update: Infusion 6 of 12 - Halfway There!

When we started this process, Dr. Back mentioned that the initial regime would be 12 infusions over a 6 month period.  Now that I've completed 6 infusions, we're now past the halfway mark! I still feel optimistic and somewhat strong, but the chemo side effects are starting to cumulatively get stronger.  I'm now noticing that it's taking a little longer to bounce back after the infusions, and the hand-foot syndrome is getting worse.  Additionally, the tingling in my fingers and cold sensitivity is now lasting throughout the cycle.  [...]