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Posted 2018-05-13T02:53:00Z

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Ben’s illness has me experiencing, witnessing, feeling, and seeing the totality of a Mother's Love in a way that has brought new meaning to me as it relates to Mother’s Day.  I will mention Katie (only briefly because I could write for a long time, and this forum is dedicated to you all); daily I see, feel, and experience, the oceanic depth of Katie’s love for Ben illustrated in the grief that she feels.  If it is true that the depth of one’s grief is equal to the depth of one’s love, then I can tell you that Katie’s love for Ben is immeasurable. 
This year, Mother’s Day has me amazed at the many mothers out there that are doing so much for Ben and our family in addition to everything else they do.  (Wait, one more necessary mention- Mom, you are the best, sister you are rad too!). 
Back to the moms out there…. You know who you are, and I am in awe of your Love, Care, Motivation, Action, Prayers, Meals, Gifts, and Endurance.  It is so much, that I’m worried if I try to mention everyone that I would miss someone and I can’t afford to do that…this way, I’m acknowledging EVERYONE.  Wow, thank you for showing me something, something much deeper.  Thank you for helping us make Ben’s days as great as possible.[...]