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Ben & the Anderson Family - Journal

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Posted 2018-04-27T04:52:13Z


Imagine you are 8 and you love sports (in Ben's case, skiing is one of those loves) and not only do you love sports, in Ben's case you love the idea and reality of being good.  Now, imagine you have lost your eyesight and a lot of your muscle tone but you want to go skiing.   You want to go so bad, but you know deep deep down something is wrong but your will and desire and determination is overriding what you fear and/or what you don't want to believe.  On top of all that you know that your dad loves skiing too, and you know how much your dad loves it, so you push for it even harder.   [...]

Posted 2018-04-22T05:02:00Z

Hi from Ben's Mom and Dad and Brother

Everyone's overwhelming love, prayers, generosity, support, and hopefulness, is so helping ease the pain of this unimaginable tragedy.  We are grateful.  Ben has had really good days the last 2 weeks considering the daily challenges he faces.  Although his eyesight is almost gone and he is having trouble with his speech, he is keeping great spirits and his resolve is strong.  He likes to start his mornings bright and early jumping on the trampoline and climbing the fireman pole up to the fort.  (He still has the tone to do this and he likes to dominate the strength challenges.)  He also likes to run in the street and ride his scooter before the morning traffic is on the roads...even though he can't really see.  All this before 7:30am.  Dad doesn't sleep as much as he used to.[...]

Posted 2018-04-13T21:18:17Z

From Ben’s dad

Hi everyone,

just a quick note to tell you all how grateful we feel to hear from you all!  Thank you so much for taking time to share.  We love it when pictures are shared even though our tear glands are tired.  We are hanging in there and so appreciate the love and encouragement.[...]