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Posted 2019-02-04T13:03:00Z

Flying High

Ben’s week was incredible! In addition to his SKYDIVING escapade (more to follow!) his days were full of noteworthy adventures. Ben went on a ride along with Police Chief Jason Soto and had the opportunity to ride a police horse, practice using his new peace-stick, and share a donut with our Chief.  He spent an afternoon with his new best buddy Pat Cashell visiting TKO Motorsports racing around in race cars and then finished his time at the American Iron Gym for an afternoon workout. He bounced, flipped and jumped at EZ Aire Trampoline Parkwith his dad and Luke almost every day this week.  Saturday, for the first time, he completed a few Whirly Birds with our friend Kris Buttenburg at Biste Technologies.  Ben is doing great right now… he’s living his life!  We continue to be thankful and conscious of the abundant grace in our lives, for opportunities and friends like we mentioned above, and for the consistent friends and family who visit and take Ben out on adventures around town.  Thank you!
Ben went skydiving! That’s right!  On Thursday afternoon, he jumped from an airplane 16,500 feet above the earth, fell freely for 10,000 feet and landed a few minutes later to the hoots and hollers of his four grandparents, Matt, Luke and myself.  It was remarkable for so many reasons. First of all, he wasn’t afraid… at all.  Skydiving has been on his list of things to do for some time, so he checked it off his list. Second, the FAA made an exception and allowed Ben to jump—the legal age is 18—  so we are grateful to Skydive Lake Tahoe for making this moment possible for Ben. Third, Ben is really into Batman right now and the pilot he jumped with goes by “Batman,” wears a Batman flight-suit and had a Robin flight-suit that Ben was able to wear.  Awesome.
Finally, it is beautiful to witness Ben persevering on his journey.  He is a force to be reckoned with, an example of grit, of pushing boundaries and of experiencing joy and accomplishment in spite of his circumstances. No day is perfect…  none of ours are either, but he makes the most of each one in the end.  His social calendar illuminates a couple of things… that we, the Anderson’s, have a brilliant community of love and support around us and that Ben, is not only super fun to hang out with but is also offering perspective and exemplifying what it means to live with the odds and often put the beat down on those odds. 
Check out the video of Ben skydiving!   Ben’s Skydive:  January 2019
Ben Learning to do Whirly Birds:  Ben Whirly Birds
Thank you for reading our updates.  Thank you for every single prayer you pray for us and for all of the love you send our way.  It makes the difference.  When I imagine our life right now I picture a strong foundation that is the grace and goodness of God.  Resting on that foundation is our community- the meals, the errands, the check ins, the generosity of so many friends’ time, treasure and talent. We are blown away every day and hope you feel encouraged when you read our journal entries. 
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