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Sarah's Journey

Stage IV Colon Cancer

After two months of not feeling "quite right"--like an extended flu that would never completely go away, losing lots of weight, and my appetite. I finally went back to the doctor and asked her to run more tests. That was 1/29/15. Looked like it was just anemia. But an ultrasound, an MRI, a colonoscopy, an upper GI and a CT scan followed the next week. By Thursday, I knew I had a 2 inch tumor in my colon. By Monday, I knew how bad: Stage IV Colon Cancer.

Colon cancer is not in my family. Go figure. The rest of my colon is clean. The rest of my organs seem clear. However, my liver has "numerous masses." and when cancer has metastasized to the liver, it can be anywhere...and it's probably everywhere. Because of this, surgery has been postponed and chemotherapy will start ASAP.