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Natalia - Journal

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Posted 2013-08-30T18:25:06Z

Praises.....under ANY circumstance

We serve a MIGHTY, SOVEREIGN GOD! What an AWESOME, FAITHFUL GOD! The doctor was amazed this morning, when Sofia walked in without excruciating pain, walking on her own, and smiling!! He was surprised that she hasn't taken morphine since Monday! We start chemo this afternoon![...]

Posted 2013-08-30T13:56:00Z

Treatment begins today

Natalia will be admitted today to begin chemotherapy. We pray that the agents in the chemo go straight to the bad cells and that the good cells are strengthened. We pray that she will react well to the protocol. May God protect all of her vital organs. GOD is in control, and HIS MIGHTY hand is upon Natalia![...]

Posted 2013-08-29T03:50:20Z

All about Natalia

My name is Natalia and I am 8 years old. My favorite colors are purple, blue, lime, and black. My favorite sport is soccer. I used to play in the YMCA team. Now I play at my church. It is very fun, you should try it too! I did swimming too and played tennis. My favorite TV show is Martha Speaks and my favorite bible story is Adam and Eve. I love my family! You should meet them! I have lots of friends at school. I love the world![...]