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Posted 2016-01-28T00:05:30Z


Thank you all for your lovely words of encouragement and your prayers!
We were told that this is all stemming from Natalia's fall, THANK the LORD! Whew.....praise God! The miraculous did not JUST happen at the doctor's was after our visit to the surgeon.
It was a supernatural meeting orchestrated by God. One of a handful of heavenly orchestrated events in the last month! It is all about God using his obedient servants to REASSURE us of HIS MIGHTY presence, holding our hands through our journey, letting us know that HE IS WITH US......EMMANUEL. Not just using HIS infallible word, but a word at the right time and place. From a "stranger" that traveled 10 miles to carry out God's will to total "strangers"........
Our MIGHTY God will do whatever HE needs to do to carry out HIS perfect will in our lives. HE is faithful to his inerrant word, HIS promises are true, and are there for us to participate in. All he asks is for us to believe in HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. BELIEVE and TRUST. COMPLETELY.
TOTAL SURRENDER of our life...ALL aspects of our life, NOT just a few aspects of our life, but ALL OF IT. A diagnosis of cancer? Surrender it to Jesus....let HIS WILL BE DONE....HE IS OUR STRENGTH, OUR PEACE. JEHOVAH RAPPHA, GOD our HEALER. HE WILL HEAL our hurts, inside and out.
Plucked out of your loved job? Surrender it to Jesus...HE IS JEHOVAH JIREH, our provider. If HE says it, then HE is. A miraculous Christmas Eve.....orchestrated by God, using "strangers" to carry out HIS WILL. WOW. In this world, it is totally unimaginable, unbelievable, unreal....but to our MIGHTY GOD? ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. HE DOES the IMPOSSIBLE to our logical human minds. Do NOT try to figure it out with your earthly mind, because it WILL NOT ADD UP!

Posted 2016-01-27T04:48:37Z

Renewing our STRENGTH IN HIM. We cannot do this on our own strength.

Last Friday when I picked up Natalia from school, she was limping and she winced from pain. It took me by surprise. She said "mom it really started after music class..." Pain from below the knee shooting down to her ankle. I asked her "what number?" She immediately responded, "a 6". ALARMS went off in my flags appearing...
If anyone knows Natalia, they know that she has a high pain tolerance. Even post op or a fracture, she will give it a 2-3 at the MOST. So, I did my best to keep c. c. & c. (Calm, cool, and collected). I ended up giving her meds, and when that wore off, gave her more. This is not typical...we usually try and do without meds, but in this case she asked. She couldn't sleep. Her Ortho wanted her home and immobilized so we kept a close watch over the weekend and no school. Her ankle is puffy and discolored......and it is very painful to walk.
Tonight, as I watch her sleep peacefully, I know she is in God's capable hands......and this brings about a HUGE RUSH of peace. WILL will be done in her life.[...]

Posted 2016-01-19T02:33:32Z

Join our team!

Join me in a 5k! My co-worker and her family started a foundation in honor of her mother who lost her fight to brain cancer. They do so many amazing things in our community for families battling cancer, and I'm so happy to be a part of it. The Journey To A Cure 5K Run 1 Mile Kids Run/Walk is a family oriented charity event. This year they are focusing on Kids. The focus is to come together and teach our kids how to be both mentally and physicaly strong. This year's event benefits the St. Joseph's Children's Hospital (Oncology) and local families battling Cancer. I have started a team with my company called "Zippy For Natalia" and we will be walking in honor of Natalia, who many of you have seen me post about. She has now been in remission for 18 months and I couldn't be more proud of her and her families strength, faith and perseverance. Please join us in honoring not just Natalia, but all of our local families battling cancer. If you decide to join, please make sure you click "join a team" during your sign up process and join "Zippy For Natalia" Thank you! Marisabell Vella

Posted 2016-01-13T03:44:45Z

After her fall....

So Grateful for all of your prayers!! The ER doctors ordered a slew of X-rays and they saw brittle bone disease, which we already knew existed. Then there was a question of "loose hardware" near her knee....which is painfully bruised. After hours of waiting, the doctors finally consulted with her Ortho surgeon and determined that the X-rays were normal...for Natalia. He said everything looks fine....for her. Just bad bruising/sprains. Thank goodness!!!! One minute they were talking surgery and the next minute they were telling us we were ok to go home......sigh. It has been a looong day. Ugh, as much as I try and avoid unnecessary medical/hospital visits, procedures, etc, it just continues.......Lord Jesus, give us the strength. The doctors want her home for the rest of the week. Thank you Jesus for your wisdom poured over these doctors today. For NO surgery was needed. Praying for healing over the bruised areas of swelling and pain. Praying a hedge of protection around your child, Natalia Sofia, Father God. Amen

Posted 2016-01-08T04:13:54Z

By HIS stripes, Natalia Sofia is healed!!!

This is THE ONE post I have been looking forward to Writing!!! Praising Jesus as I write!!!!The moment we have been waiting for!!! We serve a MIGHTY, FAITHFUL GOD! When the surgeon walked into the room and said.....Natalia Sofia you look AWESOME!!!! I asked, define AWESOME!!!! He said.....your leg is........wait for it.... HEALED!!!!!!! GASP!!!! Silence in the room. NO words. Tears inundated our faces. Overjoyed hearts. Look at ALL that the Lord has done with our lives...Look how far she has come....Look at the fruits produced through this trial. We are filled with JOY! Thank you Jesus for being so real in and through this most scary trial! She is alive because HE lives! We trust in you and know that you have Natalia Sofia in the palm of your hand. Her bone has healed, and we can now ease into some allowed activities! He said that she could ride her bike now!! YAY! She cannot wait! Her Exams ALL came back NED... No Evidence for Disease!!! Woohoo!! Shout for Joy! Such exciting news!!! Psalm 118:1, 16-17 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. The strong right arm of the Lord is raised in triumph. The strong right arm of the Lord has done glorious things! I will not die; instead, I will live to tell what the Lord has done.