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Posted 2016-09-23T04:50:49Z

Cure Search 2016

Tampa Bay CureSearch Walk 2016
The first year Natalia participated in the Cure Search walk, she had just come off treatment, and was still wheelchair bound. Last year, she pushed herself in her therapy, and was able to participate with her crutches. This year, after her surgery, Natalia had to go back to the wheelchair, and then worked her way to her crutches. As the walk neared, She pushed herself by working hard on getting her range of motion back, pushing past the pain, so that she could walk on her own at Cure Search 2016! Her goal was to walk independently holding the survivor banner with all of the other survivors being honored!
Her drive and determination was amazing to watch as she moved closer and closer to the date!!!!
This past Saturday, I am happy to announce that she did it!!
As her favorite verse is put into action......Philippians 4:13
I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.
She walked BY HERSELF, holding the survivor banner with the other children. Praise God!! Sooo incredibly proud of our survivor, the strength that God has given her to overcome SO many obstacles! God is good!
What's even better is the fact that they played her "Overcomer" song by Mandisa while she walked! Our God of Hope is faithful to HIS word and HIS promises!!!
We walk in support of those that are still in the trenches of this ugly support of all the families that have a child in Jesus' arms, and rejoicing with those that have survived......all of us....walking side by side....with ONE thing in common....SUPPORT....all of us supporting one another, being one LOUD voice for our children.....raising awareness for this underfunded disease. It's surreal the number of children that are diagnosed daily with some type of cancer. 
In total, Cure Search Tampa Bay raised over 61K!!! Our team from St. Joe's Children's Hospital, CHEMOSABES, raised more than $12K!!! Our team made the TOP 10 NATIONWIDE in raising money for research! Thank you to ALL who donated, gave their time to come out and walk with us, to Diana for making our beautiful shirts, to Natalia's class for making two beautiful honor Sofia, survivors, and the children still fighting....and another poster in memory of Edgar and our sweet friends that are now with Jesus. Edgar's mom held that poster tight as she walked alongside us. To commemorate her brave son, we gave Edgar's mom a white rose, and watched white doves being released into the beautiful blue was a perfect day.......a day of support.....
Great is thy FAITHFULNESS!!!!! 
He is ALWAYS enough. HIS grace is ALWAYS sufficient. He is ALWAYS faithful.[...]