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Posted 2016-07-27T05:04:00Z


During our last oncology visit, the oncologists changed😱Sofia's road map, after much researching and debating, I told the doctor that I just had to TRUST.GOD.BOTTOM.LINE.
Trusting God....leaving your worst fears, overwhelming anxieties, and the laying down of all feelings of helplessness and hopelessness....NOT an easy task to do. It took everything to lay it ALL down at the feet of Jesus, and NOT allowing yourself to GO THERE. It was a choice that had to be done, daily. Trusting in HIS word, Trusting in HIS strength, Trusting in HIS peace and Trusting in HIS guidance. After I have done what I am supposed to do as a parent, I am Completely free falling. It's the FREEDOM that comes from leaving or casting your cares upon the Lord, really handing it over to the One that can intercede in my behalf, within God's will.[...]

Posted 2016-07-18T03:36:45Z


Breathing a sigh of relief....after having suffered ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK, and surviving, praise GOD, our Ms. Beatrice is out of the hospital. Her left hind leg is now having an inflammatory reaction to the bug bite/bee sting that started the whole thing. Her paw is 3x its size!!!! Had it been a BIGGER dog, it wouldn't have been so severe. We are so thankful for all your heartfelt prayers!! If we hadn't run with her as quickly as we did, she would have died. 😥
Most people don't know the gravity of this must seek immediate help from a vet before it turns fatal.
Here's a quick rundown of its effects:[...]

Posted 2016-07-15T21:51:13Z

Thank you all for praying!!

Miraculously, Beatrice pulled through the night. They almost lost her, she was very critical. There are no words to express our gratitude for all your faithful prayers. She is still critical, but today she is responsive, her blood pressure went up, was able to stand up and go potty, and she ate!
We still don't know what caused this, and they're still running tests. Praying for our Lord's will and intervention.[...]

Posted 2016-07-15T04:08:47Z

PLEASE PRAY... Our Beatrice is very critical condition.

The latest update from the hospital is that she is still in icu/critical condition. Although she regained consciousness and IS responding, her blood pressure is extremely low, as well as her body temp. There are a lot of other things going on, but they will know more by tomorrow. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers through this horrific time.

Posted 2016-07-03T05:33:04Z

VBS 2016

To GOD be the GLORY!! Praise GOD!!
This year, Natalia Sofia attended VBS (vacation bible school) without her wheelchair or even her crutches!!! She enjoyed the entire week being a kid!
It was even MORE amazing to have people come up to me and comment on the fact that just last year at VBS, she was still using her wheelchair!! I was totally taken aback at how many random people remembered...Not just mom!!!![...]