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Posted 2016-10-31T04:35:46Z

N.O. E.V.I.D.E.N.C.E. period.

Natalia has been enjoying being a kid! From birthday parties and fall fairs, to just enjoying her rescue pups outdoors and breathing in fresh air!
We were blessed and were gifted another tiny rescue therapy pup! These tiny pups have so much love to give! Natalia says they calm her, they really are so good for her....and good for our family!![...]

Posted 2016-10-18T04:14:57Z



Natalia had the 3D. cat scan today, which confirms the presence of a mass. Something is there. I'm praying that it's a simple cyst. No more than a dental procedure. Dr said NO ONE will sleep until we go in and biopsy it. They will go in, expose the impacted tooth, biopsy the mass, and depending on the findings they will remove it and scrape the bone.
They are trying to get the approval for her to have surgery by the end of next week. Standing in FAITH, for my HOPE is in the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. HE has us in the palm of HIS hands.[...]

Posted 2016-10-17T04:10:20Z

Lessons in TRUST.....

For the past two weeks, I have suppressed the fact that our ordinary ortho consult with a very conservative orthodontist ended with a referral to a specialist of facial bones. Braces are the least of your worries, he said. He did a routine X-ray to find out why her incisor had not erupted (a rare finding), and saw a mass in her jaw that needed further surgical work up. Due to her history, every one scrambled to get her the soonest appointment with this specialist, and the proper paperwork for the insurance to pay for this special 3D cat scan.
That special consult and ct are scheduled for TODAY.....ruling out Ewing's sarcoma.[...]

Posted 2016-10-11T03:55:19Z the FAITH!

Gabriel has had complications from the stomach bug and has been hospitalized. His whole GI system was out of whack. We will hopefully go home tomorrow. Although he finally smiled today, he is still very tired and lethargic. Thank you for continuing to lift him up in prayer as he continues to recover. May the Lord's POWERFUL HEALING touch cover him and may The Lord give him divine health. 
It has been very difficult being admitted back to the place where we waged war for Natalia's life. We all had a hard time....same floor, same room....same toothpaste.......Natalia said "mom, this tastes just like when I had cancer." This time she was the one sleeping on the floor........
To say that it's been exhausting is an understatement, but I KNOW that MY GOD will supply ALL my needs according to HIS riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.(Philippians 4:19) and I CAN do ALL things through HIM, who gives me the strength to do it.(Philippians 4:13)
Our God is a God of purpose, and HE IS at work in the midst of our sickness, weakness and exhaustion.....I am letting go, casting ALL cares on him and free falling into my loving father's arms.....TRUSTING my Heavenly Father has every little thing under control......KNOWING HE WILL take care of us, NEVER forsaking. ALWAYS unconditional, NEVER TIRED. HE WILL ever so faithfully carry us the other side.....I KNOW it.[...]