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Posted 2013-10-25T20:40:56Z

October Fundraiser Update....part three!!

Tio's colleagues and coworkers held a luncheon in honor of natalia! A Cuban-inspired lunch was prepared by one of his coworkers, who really felt compelled to help  in some way. How amazing is that? None of you have EVER met Natalia, yet you opened up your hearts! Thank YOU for your kindness and generosity towards our family! May God BLESS you abundantly![...]

Posted 2013-10-22T03:50:59Z

October Fundraiser update...part two!

Green Parrot Pub was packed out for their event! It was a successful benefit!! Co-workers and Friends created beautiful baskets to be raffled off, bands donated their time for the cause, and drinks and food were served!! While we were in the hospital that day, they rallied together and showed their co-worker's family their love and support! [...]