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Natalia - Journal

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Posted 2014-04-28T04:13:00Z


Natalia's bone marrow is said to have shut down. Her body is tired. It is not producing and the levels remain the same. She was supposed to get a pass to go see Mandisa, but at the last minute, the doctor didn't see it fit for her to go. It was too risky....her immunity is at an all time low. :((  In addition, we have been giving her body time to produce more platelets on their own....but today her doctor ordered the transfusion. [...]

Posted 2014-04-26T04:02:04Z

RED juice.....

THANK YOU.....for locking arm to arm, shoulder to shoulder with our family! In the trenches with our family!! Your prayers are being heard......she is more active and chatty today! Her fingers look so much better!! Only thing, the doctor mentioned she had a uti.....:( Natalia will be receiving RED juice for the next couple of hours. Her platelets are super low, but the doctor wants to wait and see if her body starts producing more. We are BELIEVING for good bloodwork results tomorrow. [...]

Posted 2014-04-25T15:28:06Z

Back in the hospital.....

Natalia has been enjoying sunny afternoons in the garden, sitting on the bench taking in the beauty of the butterflies, new blooms, and sprouts. On Wednesday, she got up from the bench (forgetting that she needed assistance) and slipped in the grass. She fell backwards on her bottom. After MANY calls to different physicians, we spoke with her surgeon and he reassured us that everything was fine! Please continue to pray for healing of her new femur bone. Earlier that day, she had her labs checked at the doctor's office, and then got her outpatient chemo. Her levels were low, but not low enough to do anything at this time. So, an appointment was made for Friday.[...]

Posted 2014-04-21T04:27:43Z


Gratitude fills our hearts as we reflect on the ultimate sacrifice on the cross. JESUS died for us...rose from the dead, and is now seated at the right hand of the father....INTERCEDING for YOU and me! THE CHRIST is ALIVE! We serve a MIGHTY, LIVING GOD! Who can resurrect ANYthing....a dead cell, a marriage, our spirit, families.....ANYthing is POSSIBLE for JESUS! He is OUT OF THE BOX! All you have to do is BELIEVE....BELIEVE in him! [...]

Posted 2014-04-20T02:42:56Z


Natalia LOVES her arts.....she expresses herself best through fine arts. This journey GOD has motivated her to write songs, poems, or just write her feelings down. Our last hospital stay was say the least, it was grueling. She endured quite a bit physically, and emotionally. Sometime during our stay, she wrote the following down in her journal.................NO WORDS[...]

Posted 2014-04-17T05:35:26Z



When you walk thru the valley, sometimes it gets so dark, you don't remember what light looks like, and you don't think you will EVER get through.  Today was one of those days.....difficult to keep your head up.  Natalia had violent episodes of vomiting, accompanied with tons of nausea and stomach cramps.....ALL DAY LONG. She ended up with 4 medications to keep the nausea/vomiting at bay, but to NO AVAIL. :([...]