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Natalia - Journal

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Posted 2014-02-28T05:22:22Z


We are now well into our radiation treatments, while still undergoing an aggressive chemo regimen. :( I still hold my breath as I watch the "Beam on" sign light up while they zap her leg on one side, then they change the machine and zap the other side. It seems to be the longest minute......[...]

Posted 2014-02-18T02:55:51Z

GOD is in the little things!

As we went into the second week of radiation, Natalia became more and more antsy about being left ALONE inside a cold, semi-dark room, on a table(around four feet off the floor) with no rails, and all the noise from the beam. One of the nurses asked if she wanted a radio set up, so that she could play her favorite radio station, and she said the Joy FM, please! This really helped her relax and hum to her favorite christian songs, it helped put her at ease! We then noticed that it was also a CD player! So the next day, she brought in her fave. Mandisa cd....OVERCOMER![...]

Posted 2014-02-15T03:04:34Z

A valentine surprise!

We have been Skyping  in the mornings with school to get her morning lessons, before heading to radiation. I did not anticipate that this would lift her spirits, making her excited to see her classmates again! So much so, that she asked to come in today to surprise the class with her valentine cards! She got to see the monkey that occupies her chair when she is not there, and interview a classmate, while learning about adjectives! She got TONS of valentines from her friends and had such a nice visit, that she didn't want to leave!! What an AMAZING school we have...they have truly embraced our family as if it were their own....helping Sofia ANY way they can....from the administration to the staff and the parents. I pray that GOD continue to BLESS YOUR families, as YOU are BLESSING ours! I'm in awe....[...]