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Natalia - Journal

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Posted 2014-06-16T02:11:33Z


Natalia was able to enjoy some quality time with her daddy BEFORE getting hit with her chemotherapy. 

Once the drugs started going in....her blood pressure started dropping, she felt weak, lightheaded, got shaky, dizzy, heavy, and was knocked out asleep. :(([...]

Posted 2014-06-15T06:08:38Z


Natalia had a better day! She did not have any of the usual effects of the chemo, PRAISE GOD!

She had X-rays of her right leg ordered, and we will go over the results with her doctor tomorrow! Grateful for a mighty, powerful God, who does NOT sleep, who keeps Natalia Sofia in the palm of his hand, under HIS WILL, HIS umbrella of protection...TRUSTING HIM in our journey.[...]