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Posted 2013-09-28T23:08:13Z


We are home!!! Yayyy!!  :)

We are holding off on the transfusion as long as we can. She is still very pale and weak.....sleeping most of the time.  I pray that her numbers stay up and that she may be able to go to school this week![...]

Posted 2013-09-27T04:39:56Z


We are back in the hospital for the second cycle/month of chemo. Everything went smoothly this time around, we cleared for chemo right away! All the labs were perfect, EXCEPT her's very low. According to her oncologist we will be needing a transfusion, sooner than later:(([...]

Posted 2013-09-23T13:16:28Z


We are in awe of the different GESTURES of LOVE Shown towards our family. Kindness,  thoughtfulness, and generosity are overflowing. May God continue to Bless you and your family in a MIGHTY way. We are grateful for the donations, acts of kindness, meals, words, deeds, hugs, and shavings! Natalia sofia has found tremendous support in that! This weekend, family and friends stepped up to shave their heads for my beautiful baby girl! What an amazing show of LOVE....we ALL felt it. [...]

Posted 2013-09-20T02:46:36Z

Welcome Back!! Natalia Sofia!!!

Coming back home from the hospital was bittersweet. We were looking forward to sleeping thru the night, and above your own bed! Things were different in more ways than one. :(  This time around, she is weaker and nauseous with the occasional bout of vomiting....and of course less hair.[...]

Posted 2013-09-18T05:29:39Z

God's help.....

Thank you for your prayers everyone!...from Natalia Sofia.  I know God will help you like he did with me.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  (Philippians 4:13). God gave me strength thru my chemo and God will strengthen you.  I know God will give you grace and the power to do anything that comes your way![...]

Posted 2013-09-17T04:25:38Z

Changes are coming....SOONER than later....

So we are now on day four of the protocol....and NOTHING. Praise God for that! No vomiting or major side effects..........EXCEPT for the overnight loss of hair. By far, this was the HARDEST pill to swallow. Overnight, hair everywhere.....literally. To deal with the aftermath of physical changes and emotional turmoil at 8 years of age, is unthinkable......I'm speechless.[...]

Posted 2013-09-13T20:36:11Z JESUS!

Last Monday, labs showed Sofia's white blood count to be too low for chemo. Today, one day after she was supposed to start chemo, her counts are good and she will be admitted for five days. These next few days of chemo, according to the staff, are the hardest mix of chemo drugs in her protocol.[...]