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Posted 2014-08-19T04:39:33Z

One year ago....

Today was the meet 'n greet at the school.......the day BEFORE school officially started.....a day full last year's memories. A bittersweet day.
Last meet 'n greet, I ran out of the school STRAIGHT to the pediatrician's, STRAIGHT to the hospital to be admitted.
On the Thursday before, I rushed after work to take Natalia to the pediatrician's because brother accidentally poked her in the eye....really, it was accidental! I casually mention the "intermittent" on/off pain in her leg. After examining her, he says give her's growing pains. That weekend....her casual pain became excruciating, as it woke her up from her sleep AND Motrin would not touch it (I later found out that the tumor was breaking thru the bone). By Monday morning, it subsided enough that she could go to meet and greet her new teachers. I was told by the pedi's office to schedule with an ortho, so I did....two weeks away.
Natalia's health deteriorated fast during the meet and greet....prompting an administrator to ask her what was wrong....after telling her, she quickly pointed the way back to the pediatrician's. (Our angel...thank GOD for her!) I took Natalia back to the pediatrician's, and as soon as I sat down in the waiting room, I noticed she had a low grade fever. They worked us in quickly and when the doctor put her on the table, it was obvious...palpation was not necessary.....there was a large, red, hot to the touch mass on her thigh. The pediatrician turned to me and said, that wasn't there on need to go STRAIGHT to the NOT go home. And so her journey started....on the 8th floor of the children's hospital....on Morphine...scheduled for a stat MRI at 7AM.....
On a Monday...August of 2013...after meet and greet. A Monday full of unknowns and uncertainties.....EXCEPT ONE.
The fact that JESUS was evident every step of our us the strength, peace, comfort, refuge...daily. Even though that was a time of uncertainty....ONE thing was for certain......JESUS. HE carried us throughout he journey, with extended grace and fresh new mercies daily..........ALL FOR HIS GLORY![...]

Posted 2014-08-18T04:49:58Z

Edgar update.....

It is with great sorrow that I am writting this delayed post. I have had a difficult time posting about our sweet friend, Edgar....he went home to be with his creator. As a mother walking this journey, I know all too well the fine line our children walk through between life and death.......a very fragile line.
Edgar was given 24-48 hours to live.....JESUS gave him 14 days! In those 14 days, RESTORATION, RENEWAL, HEALING, FORGIVENESS, AND UNITY were flowing out of his room! All within his family, and those that were bystanders! God's presence was so evident, that even the hardest of hearts melted in forgiveness. God was working miracles, even in the midst of adversity.......even in the midst of what APPEARED to be the worst case scenario.
Edgar kept repeating..."...even when you are suffering, lift your arms and PRAISE JESUS, HE deserves ALL the praise!"
The night he found out that there was nothing else the doctors could do for him, and he was hooked up to machines, including oxygen. Two male nurses walked into his room and sang his favorite song, OCEANS by HILLSONG UNITED. The sweet presence of The Lord began to fill the room, and Edgar took off his mask, lifted his arms and began to sing and praise JESUS....even AFTER he knew that the chemo didn't work.
What an example!! I was blessed to have met him, and I will see him again...THAT is the HOPE that we have in JESUS CHRIST!
Thank you in advance for continuing to pray for his mom, Claudia.....Edgar was her only son.[...]

Posted 2014-08-04T20:35:21Z

JESUS...our LIGHT and our SALVATION! The STRENGTH of our LIFE! Psalm 27:1

Edgar update!
The doctors gave him the BAD news on Monday the 28th of July...that there was nothing else that they could do for him...he had up to 2 days to live. I visited on the 29th and the Chaplin was there, an interpreter, a cart full of snacks and drinks for mom.....doctors were coming in to say they were making him comfortable....heavily sedating him....grief counselors at hand....ALL waiting for him to any moment.
Edgar slept and slept, and as soon as he woke up, he began to PRAISE and THANK JESUS CHRIST, and he spoke of things to all those around him...things he said GOD was teaching him....IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR STORM.......PRAISE JESUS![...]

Posted 2014-08-04T19:53:01Z


A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the Girl Scout Troops that so generously gave throughout our journey.........whether  it was dinners, Legos, encouraging letters, patches, and of course, the Thin Mint Build-A-Bear Teddy Bear!
THANK YOU!!![...]