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Posted 2013-12-28T04:41:04Z


When I got the call to restart chemo, sadness set in...our Christmas bubble was burst.... Christmas was wonderful.....we got so used to not having the chemotherapy treatments! Although we were on hiatus for SIX weeks, there were new post-operative challenges. These challenges were a welcome change vs the chemo! Sofia flourished these past six weeks, she is the healthiest since she got going back to start another nine months of chemo was difficult for ALL of us. She had a hard time accepting the fact that she had to go back, the night before and the morning of....she cried and cried...please don't take me back, mommy, I don't want to go back.[...]

Posted 2013-12-28T04:00:09Z



We, as a family, are speechless!  MANY Hearts were touched by God to BLESS our family for Christmas, and we are filled with gratitude. We had to divide the gifts between two Christmas trees...our family has NEVER had such a Christmas! Such overflowing kindness and generosity! 
THANK YOU ALL! May God continue to BLESS ALL OF YOUR FAMILIES, now and always. May you reap ALL that you have sowed in the new year!
Natalia's Family


Posted 2013-12-18T05:46:39Z


We (Natalia included)have been specifically praying that Natalia's wound would be healed so well that the doctors would be amazed. After the procedure was finished, the surgeon came out and said that he had great news, her wound healed sooo well, so quick, that she graduated to a WATERPROOF spica cast! Yayyy! Answered prayers! Thank you JESUS! You are an awesome GOD![...]

Posted 2013-12-18T05:32:08Z


Today was the day that Sofia was going to have her old cast taken out, and the same kind (spica) redone. Last night, she shared her fears of going under for the umpteenth time...her port being accessed/de-accessed...and all the things that are scary for children when they have to go back &forth to the hospital. We prayed about it, but still woke up feeling scared...not wanting to go......[...]

Posted 2013-12-18T05:08:55Z

Christmas BLESSINGS!

Family and friends: Over the past few months, in your own unique way, you have shown your support and LOVE TOWARDS OUR FAMILY.  We are in awe as we watch how GOD is touching the hearts of many people in such a POWERFUL WAY.  We are overwhelmingly grateful for ALL your generosity. It is truly amazing to see that even in the smallest of gestures, GOD is in the midst of it.[...]